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If Only I Was A Poet

I often wish I always had the time
to make some words to play in rhyme.
But so many times I have tried in vain
and it caused me nothing else but pain.

When I get the lines to sound the same
I often have to drop my head in shame.
For when I have my words in a sound array
it does not always mean what I try to say.

Then at times I do not wish to know
if my skills to rhyme will ever grow.
In times like this I often fail to find
the urge to write just what is on my mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
Just something that leaked out my pen
and formed before I could count to ten
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The Secret To A Happy Life

The secret to a joyous happy ride
is the knowing when to run and
where to hide.

Do not willingly tempt your fate.
Never ever try to rush her even
when she’s late.

Do not ever try or help to pick
a dress in the shop hanging there
on the stick

Enjoy the life without the stress or crap;
Use your common sense and put a lock
on your trap.

To spend your days with little noise
stay at home and never try to go out
with the boys.

If you truly want a blissful happy life
you will quickly learn to woo and
please your wife.

My advice to you is short and clear
be the least and always try to say:
Yes my dear.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014
About this poem:
Just a bit of good advice from an old hand. Take or leave it.
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A New Found Love

All forgotten are all those days
when my life was but empty plays.
Before you came my life was dark
but now it is like walking in a park.

Lately I think of you all day long
and my life is just a happy song
The greatest thing about loving you
is knowing that you now love me too.

Yes, I shall catch you when you fall
even when I am not really big and tall
I will guide and lead you by the hand
when you are lost or stuck in sand.

But darling, I’m not always strong
and sometimes I also get it wrong.
Many times I too will lose my way
And will need you every single day.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2014
About this poem:
For Sharon
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A Question I Must Ask

You ask me if I’ll catch you if you fall;
but how can I, when I’m already off the ball?
You tell me that your thoughts are with me every day;
then why do I feel alone even when I’m gay?

Seeing your face always makes me glad;
but why do your eyes forever look so sad?
That brings me to a question I must ask;
did you also have a heartache in the distant past?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
It would seem that it is contagious
and it is now driving me up the bend.
This one is for somebody else,
but only she will know for who it's meant
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Another Time Or Other Place

So often I still think of you
and I wonder if you sometimes do it too.
For the land you live in now
is way too far from here.
But it was you who drew the line;
that choice was never mine.

You’ve been gone for many years
and much too late now it is for tears.
Oh, if only I could know then
just half of what I know now,
I surely would have gone the other way
to crush this life’s wicked play.

Do you ever sit and wonder
about the times we spent back yonder?
Do you ever stare into empty space
to see how it might have been,
if you and I were born
in another time or other place.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
Hi to ya all, this is my very first try at writing a poem, so if the structure and technique is not right, please don't shoot me.

It is dedicated to a girl I once loved. A young love so true, but forbidden by the circumstances of the time.
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