One day...

One day I will fly away ,
leaving the autumns and other seasons ...
One day I will fly away ,
leaving the moods and illusions...
One day I will fly away ,
leaving the loves and their scores...
One day I will fly away,
leaving the streets and the rains...
One day I will fly away ,
leaving the faces and promises of kings...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2
About this poem:
according to the book of the angel corona...
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elsa's times...

dawn to heart
in search of a shore
sundown makes me hurt...
simply close the door
tenderness of your silence
one day in june,the dance...
book of past,your image
nostalgy a path away age...
once upon a tale,fairy of your hand
tropical fruit of your lips,my land ...
vanilla hours,deep vertigo
moonlight ago,feeling mango
our words have memory
our smiles,salt and story
my desire pottering along
the pearly flavour of your dreams
tender bittersweet little song
lasting melancholy of our summer whims...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2015
About this poem:
sundial intermezzo
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the park bench

the dust of time
on a park bench
in brussels...
that sunday
the rain,moistened
the eyes of love...
your skin,smelling
the now and summer
a year ago...
my fingers were drawing
your evasive landscapes
on a park bench
in brussels...
pale and frail traveller
thoughtful white lady
sitting on the bench
of my nights...
the cold of the mirror
a year ago...
the dust of time
on a park bench
in brussels...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2015
About this poem:
memory's cellular fragrance...
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The lady of the lake

She was like the uncertain redolence of a future.
Flight suspended on the inconstancy of the lake...

A february dead in memory ,
weather sadly dressed,
emotionless streets...

She passed in the half-smile of a summer black season,
only leaving a pale reflection in the mirror of time...

Our fleeting loves,in the clear eyes of the dawn,

Lake of Constance. 1815.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2018
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the sea of trees

beautiful disembodied love
walk with me in the oblivion of the forest
welcoming mourning dressed travellers
dancing under the black sun ...
around your neck,I will tie
a lace of eternity
like wreck of destiny...
embracing you in the heady scent of fern
we'll live in the memory of trees
and only the world around us will be dead...
greenish melody of stringed ghosts
history of painful twisted trunks
death telling vertical stories ...
the branches will be our vessel
compassionate cloak of the night,our shroud...
spirits of darkness revealing the secret of
ancient paths and silent barks...
walk with me in the forest of a thousand mornings
without a dawn...
walk with me,in the forest of the eternal dusk
beautiful disembodied love...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2015
About this poem:
aokigahara forest (japan)also known as the suicide forest of sea of trees...
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ostend souls

one windy day on the flatland
I'll take your hand in mine
like old times...
and we'll gaze across the grey waves
the weathered-down dunes
with their soft dips and curves...
Ostend shall scatter my sorrows
and as I walk on the dreamy path
love will tell of ancient desires
and moist stories...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015
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sunset desire

silent soul,hidden design
from the moon,catching a sign
lagoon,shade and low tide
waters of my caress so mild
your stormy weather melody
my harvest mood and melancholy
timeless in the puzzle of your scent
my senses drawing mellow sirocco and sand...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2014
About this poem:
I share with cs poet's corner the 100th on my poetryblog !
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serbo-croatian sometimes
austro-hungarian by reason
unconformist belgian
rainmaker for a living
tasteful cosmopolitan...
god next door,the believer
and your mercurial lover...
thoughtful in the crowd
solarwind mastermind
chessplayer and composer...
no ideal match, only lies and masks
no real past, just solitary path ...
yesterday's prisonner
today's dream catcher
tommorow's kidnapper
next century's fashion prophet...
night hours elegant rover
your hidden landscapes explorer
espresso-dating, italian timing...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2015
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my inner island

my inner mystical island
in deep waters and bitter more
forbidden area and dramas
reefs dreaming hibiscus
volcanoes old skinny legends
blood beverage seasons...
you morons,sons of goats
poxy five pounds forgers
drunkers and blind navigators
smelling Brown fat galleons...
my inner mythical island
confusion,image of illusions
sand of stars,broken quasar
wild storms and streams
rocks,herd of hard keepers
waves,longhaired voyagers
my inner mystery island
lunatic mood,black moon
Iam the last birdman ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2015
About this poem:
rapanui nostalgy...
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towards the light...

tempting moistness
pearl dancing
on your lips...
deep aphrodisiac appeal
tender skin melody
impulse,strings modulation
next arpeggio,the mystery
close so close my love
deliciously closed
round the sleepy clock
taming the fire and now
touching the unexpected
your instants so liquorice...
bloom and bush overflowing
playing waves and tide
tangled voyage towards the light...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
About this poem:
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bones of time...

hours voyaging in the gutter
long abyss,so bitter..
fake diamond,the sentiment
scum of salted resentment
soul exploring dustbin
livid figures mean..
love is adrift
venom and gift
beauty in inspired death
fire and ultimate breath
reveries,faded purpose
sad journey for a rose...
sipping your taste on the rock
desoriented puzzle,rythm and mock
unpermanent low tide
mood,flood,dark side...
tell me what to do
with such a carnal blue ?...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
About this poem:
my words touching your worlds...
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streets of vienna

I was born in the womb of the beast
night and mist dreamer ,obscure artist
child of philosophers and butchers
walzing Streets of vienna, my brothers...
illegitimate son of a broken cross
iron spirit running at a loss
deconsecrated saints and ancients
frenzied Streets of vienna,friends...
jesus you've lost your boots
mine,are full of guts and roots
mozart playing drums and fears
skinheads stridency,fire and tears
decayed carcass,brown skies and flies
freezing Streets of vienna,guys ...
I was born in the rotten of souls
walls,forgetful of laws and rules
austrian wolf and vegan
vagrant,sentimental orphan
identitary raven party above
bewitched streets of vienna, love....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
About this poem:
akasha records...
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