Wishful Thinking

I wander alone through this murky wood
Thoughts of you once again fill my head
Will you walk this wood with me someday?
Carve our names on a tree?
Will you take my hand and place it on your heart, kiss my lips, promise we'll never be apart?
Will you catch me when I fall, love me, warts and all?

Is it just wishful thinking?
Or can it be, you also dream of me?

And so as I walk closer to the end of this long and lonely path
I look up to the clouds and whisper
"One day I'll find my way, for now though, come what may"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2016
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Sun Days

A splash of rain on the window pane
I'm lying here thinking of you again
Sunday drives in our old Renault 5
Driving aimlessly around the countryside
Stopping for a walk, me lagging behind
The scent of honeysuckle in the air
We'd pick fuschia and place them in our hair
On arriving home, you'd prepare the tea
Then run a bath for my sis and me
We'd sit around and watch Glenroe
This Sunday ritual never got old
Though time has passed
And you, nor Glenroe are no more
I'll never forget those days
Does anyone, anyways?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2020
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Dog Days Are Over

Today is the day you left us,
No more greetings at the door,
No more sorrowful eyes,
No more dozing on the floor.

Today is the day you left us,
All hurting inside,
All full of emotion,
All teary-eyed.

Today is the day you left us,
I wrote a poem for you,
I hope you've always known,
I love you 'n always will do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2020
About this poem:
For Mitsy x
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Darkness Falls

Tears roll down my cheeks tonight
The soil beneath my feet in blight
Is it because I stand upon
this earth, to spread my poison on?
The darkness inside
Spreading outwards to destroy
Noone to protect you
Or hear you cry
All alone you'll be
Just as I
Walk in my shoes if you dare
Only then will you know
The root of my woe
The reason I despair
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2017
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Carry Me Home

Carry me home
Like a leaf in a breeze on an autumn morn
Like the sound of laughter from our youth
The familiar smell of rhubarb pie
On a cold and clammy eve in July

Carry me home
To where we would sit and chat
About everything and anything, just this and that
An inviting fire, a tune from a guitar
The whistle of a kettle never too far

Carry me home
To the place I know so well
Where memories are made
Hopes and dreams shared
No matter the distance
My heart will always be
At home, in my safe place
To be still, to be me..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2017
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There are so many words I can't bring myself to say
for if I do, what have I to cling onto?
"She was a lady, one of the best", I hear you say,
the word "was" like a dart in my heart,
she "is" I scream in silence,
not willing to accept this grief stricken life sentence.
The gaping hole you've left behind
will never be filled,
no matter the time.
You fought the battle right to the end,
no one could be prouder
than me your best friend
I ought to remember you're free of pain
and not want you back for my own selfish gain.
You are loved more than words can say
that'll never change
not now, nor 'til the end of day.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2017
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Tossing, turning, alone at night
That same old feeling conjures up inside
Thoughts and fears bring me to tears
Oh how I wish I could rewind the years
Mistakes made, people change
We take it with us, as we age
As if to carry my own cross
If I fall to my knees, will I feel at ease?
Hours pass, it's a new day
but tonight the pain will start over again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2017
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You ran your fingers up and down my spine
I flinched, you laughed, the familiar sparkle in your eye
You pull me close
Whisper in my ear
Tell me words I long to hear
I rub my finger across your lips
Ever so slowly with my fingertips
Teasing, touching, desire burning inside
But not just yet
Let's lie here a while
Hand in hand, cheek to cheek
I can feel your heartbeat
No need to speak
Lying here with you is all I desire
Your body next to mine
You keep lifting me higher
Your lips so soft
Your smell so sweet
I can not get enough
I'm weak beneath
Wanting, hoping this will last forever
For moments like this
Are what we treasure
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2016
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The Beach

As I walk along the seashore
Waves beating against my feet
Skirt pulled above my knees
Hair blowing in the breeze
I reflect on my life
Past times, good and bad
Memories I'll treasure forever
Heartbreak tucked away wherever
The wind makes my eyes stream
The sea salt coats my lips
Natures beauty at my fingertips
I take a breath
Stop and stare
Change my mindset
Sure life's not always fair
The sun shows itself again
Bringing a smile to my face
I'm once again reminded
Life is beautiful
When I'm at this special place
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2016
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Side by Side

Thou has cocooned me with love
All the days of my life
Forever standing with open arms
I would die cradled within
An inviting smile
The familiar sweet floral scent
as I enter thy abode
How I long for this dense fog to lift
Let good health once again be our greatest gift
Alone you will not be
Side by side through it all
As you for me
Let hope and faith guide our way
The strength of our love knows no pain
Begone this suffocating haze
Once again let us see a clear horizon
No one more deserved of a life
Than that whom I'm proud to call mine own
An unbreakable bond spawned from birth
For maternal love is undeniably eternal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2016
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A Lesson Learned in Life

Not everyone has the same heart as you
A lesson learned in life
To name but a few
Is it our genes that map ones persona?
Or is it heartbreak, pain and grief
resembling that of Desdemona?
In a world full of hatred
I hope to make a difference
Even if it’s minute
A smile, a kind word
All of it is sacred
In your lifetime someone will inspire you
Follow in their footsteps
A legacy to aspire to
Not everyone has the same heart as you
A lesson learned in life, sad but true.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2016
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