Was once upon time, on a distant land
A married couple who wanted to have a boy
And for that to happen, they prayed to God
To fulfill their burning desire and fill their hearts with joy.

God loved them because they were good people
And see this pure love, He decided to fill the hole
By sending into their home, a beautiful blessed soul
To enlighten the lives of others people.

So it was born a sweet little boy who then grew up
Even if something went wrong, he never gave up
Carrying in his heart the love of his parents, he begun
To gave the same pure love to everyone.

His father is watching him now happily
When he sees his son's wonderful family
Is very proud of what he left behind
Always protected them and guiding them to be good and kind.

By many people he is respected today
This beautiful soul knows how to bring light in everyone's life
Is treasured by his friends, his children and wife
And loved by many more every day.

And now I thank God for blessing me too
Because He brought this wonderful man into my life to
Come in the darkest days and made the sun rise
Poor chance of finding another one like him to sympathize.

May you live another hundred years from now on and please allow
Your soul to remain beautiful as it is now
HAPPY BIRTHDAY beloved friend, accept our true love
May God bless you and all those you love!

by MIlea
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Posted: Dec 23, 2017
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your own...
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Posted: Oct 15, 2017
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Late at night, I often think of you...
Tears come to my eyes and I call your name,
I miss you so much, I never forgot you,
My feelings for you, are still the same.
You have come to this world
In the hardest time of my life,
Even if you could not say a word,
You've managed to change my life.
You gave me hope and reason to live
When I was already about to quit
I was looking at you, and I couldn't believe
That one so small soul, can so much love to build.
I miss your pure love, I miss to hug you...
I'd give anything to get you back
Just for a second in my life, to tell you how much I love you,
But I know, you'll never come back.

You will live in my heart forever
How long will I be on this earth
No one can replace you, never
I hope we meet in heaven Maria, after my death...

by: MIlea

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 13, 2017
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for you...
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A beautiful world I see in front of my eyes,
A beautiful life, that can end at any time...
But, I'm ignoring that, by adding sugar to my lime
And telling to myself, very credible lies.
I was blessed with this gif...
The power of mind, with which I can create anything
Even when I am down, I can be lift
By this power which can do everything.
I play with my thoughts to see
If the impossible can turn into possible... How hard it can be?
I practice for a while, I see that it works...this is the key!
That, gives me greater hope and set me free.
I'm building a better world, just the way I want it,
Filled with wonderful people in it,
Which they all love each other,
No one knows how is to suffer.
I love the nature magical powers
I am surrounded by green grass
And beautiful colored flowers...
Here time, does not pass.
I hear birds singing...the sound it's incredible!
That makes me close my eyes, rise my hands and smile
Breathing deeply, enjoy the wind for a while
Crying out loud, I say " YES, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! "
Then, I open my eyes again...looking faraway,
I see silhouettes, which are coming in my way.
But when they are closer to me, I'm very surprised
I see them better now, and all of them, I recognized.
This, are people that I love, but once they had hurt me...
Suddenly tears come to my eyes, but the smile is bigger on my face
I open my arms and let them come to me
I'm ready to forgive them all...there's nothing I can do...this is human race!

Now, all are in their place, as it should be,
Peace, harmony and love are for eternity
Everything depends on us...you...me...

By: MIlea
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 15, 2017
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