Traveling dreams

Diverging roads
Virtual realities
Of traveling dreams

Ghosts gathered to play
The game of Russian roulette
No drama: all dead

The news from Ukraine
Feed on tragedy and pain
Rolling tanks crush peace
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 4
About this poem:
Joining the crowd, trying Senryu
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The shifting shadows

The shifting shadows
Of the past
Cast by the burning bridges
Over the luggage
Of unsettled grudges
Abandoned on the shore
For the ravenous splashing waves.
The broken spears
Put to rest
No fights
With windmills anymore
Coming back
From the silence of solitude
Carried with ease
By a refreshing breeze
Above the bounding walls
From the shifting shadows
Of the past
Free to explore
Spontaneous sparks
Of alchemical reactions
Triggering affection
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 22
About this poem:
Shifting shadows and spontaneous sparks pulled out the rest of the poem
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The life cycle

A pure raw emotion
Shared a shabby shed
With a grumpy lad
And got fed up
With that

She looked for answer
In her quest
Whether she was happy
Or depressed
A funny thought
One day came by
Why not to fly?

And off she went
Into the ceiling -
And left a dent
The sea of boiling soup
Was not to miss
She dived
Deep into the pot
And boiled and splashed…
Now fully cooked
Depressed she looked
And smelled like soup..

In her disturbed elated state
She opted to evaporate,
And start anew..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 23
About this poem:
Inspired by cooking dahl
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The viral blues

A jazz band
Playing via Zoom
Through the fog of fever
In the room
A sneezing guitar
An anosmic saxophone
A trembling bass
A confused piano
A hickuping trumpet
A coughing drum
And a hoarse-voiced singer
All wishing
A Happy New 2022 Year
And for Covid
To disappear
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 3
About this poem:
Happy New 2022 to us!
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The Outsider View

Sky pierced by stars
The game of connecting dots
Constellations twinkle

The last bird singing
In the chorus at sunrise
Singing from his heart

The portrait wanted
To move outside the frame
Something new to try

Wrapped in quilt of dreams
From the fog of sub-conscience
Words precipitate

Waves wash away my steps
A blanc page to start over
Leaves swayed by the breeze

The lost outsider
Bumped into the world’s problems
Bruises and scratches
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 23
About this poem:
A random mix
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Easy going

Easy going
Warm wind blowing
Carrying me

Getting lost in a meadow
Grasshoppers jumping, flowers bowing
Greeting me

Sun shining
Bees buzzing, birds singing
For me

Dancing, swinging
A rainbow of pencils
From the blue skies falling at me

I keep reaching out and catching pencils
To draw the picture
Of a summer day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2021
About this poem:
It’s summer out there
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War Haiku - another take

Quiet in trenches
Orders followed, carnage left
Shadows of the dead

In sunflower field
An abandoned violin
Refugees fleeing

Born for the combat
Blasts of gun fire, fierce ambush
Tin soldiers at war
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2021
About this poem:
Following Ocean’s steps
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Ocean’s haiku challenge-2

Lifted by a breeze
Dreams transform into clouds
Sparkling drops return

No air left to breathe
Flowing sky following you
Vacuum for me

Locked in the closet
The skeleton felt confined
Those dirty secrets

The night was dragging
Nightmares kept coming back
Rooster did not care
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2021
About this poem:
Another try..
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Haiku challenge

Trying on a mask
A familiar stranger
Stares back at me

A squeaking sound
My shoes travel where they want
Get to follow them

Eruption in space
Into a new dimension
The wave of love spreads
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2021
About this poem:
Just trying..
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My song

I felt a poem in me
Growing like a tree
Wild and free
At the very edge
Where words emerge
To the croon 
Of a gentle tune
Despite the winter cold
And crazy world 
With swaying
Branches of words
And singing birds    
Rehearsing my song 
All day long
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2021
About this poem:
I just heard this in the morning and wrote it down
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2020 vision

It takes a virus
To screw the world
A 2020 vision
Of how the year rolled

We became aware
Of the Covid
Spreading through air
On the waves of scare
And had to adapt
To new routines
Such as lockdowns
And quarantines
The fever of fear
Has fogged our mind
It was going crazy
From feeling confined
Not to mention
The daunting task
Of wearing a mask with style
To hide
That happy contagious smile

Things may get better
One day
Pay some attention
To what news have to say
Fresh out of trials
Vaccine is on its way
So get ready
To roll up your sleeves
Or when in doubt
Stock up
On supplements and vitamins

No matter what the trend
We’ve got our circle of
Virtual friends
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2020
About this poem:
Happy New 2021 dear poets!
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The naked heart

I hold my naked heart
Open to the streaming light
And breathe to the beats
To get carried away
Beyond noise and words
Beyond where I could ever get
By thinking or walking
Toward who I am
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2018
About this poem:
It's about attempting to figure out what truly matters
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