Secret secret secret!!!

There was once a man named Dirt,
who blamed all that he did on another.
He blamed all his crimes on all different guys,
especially Breck and his brother.

He blamed Breck's mom and his dad and his girl,
for all of the things that he'd done.
He thought that he'd drop the blame on their laps,
and he'd be the blameless one.

He blamed every race, every creed every one
for the putrescent acts he committed.
But one single girl knew that he lied
About all those people and a certain little KID.

Nothing he said could change her mind,
Though he tried and he lied lied lied lied.
So he dug up a hole and he got inside,
and he did us all a favor and died.

Dedicated to ALISA!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2009
About this poem:
Sedret secret secret!
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