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Why Are We Here?

Not a deep Zen-type thread....Just thought I would ask this question to get a sense of why people are here. If you answer, To Scam People, at least...
1,45445119Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 29

Tatum O'Neal...Feel Sorry For Her ?

Tatum O'Neal was arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine, powder cocaine and a clean crack pipe. She has had a history of drug abuse (he...
1,7914185Jun 2008Jun 2008Apr 28

Describe Your Real Life Personality..

There are tons of personality traits, but I just chose these few...what are you REALLY like in person? or or ?...
1,84656103Dec 2007Dec 2007Mar 17

What are you watching on TV Tonight?

1,5662469Dec 2007Dec 2007May 5

ConnectingSingles Friendships..What does That Mean To You?

Friends...what does that mean to you? In real life we have traditional friends we see, know and hang out with. Then there's the work-friends who we ar...
1,3542786Dec 2007Dec 2007Apr 30

What Is The Greatest Thread of All Time On CS? Part One

This will be one of MANY types of poll questions I am sure. That is why it is part one. I have left out alot of good threads...make your own such poll...
1,1601262Dec 2007Dec 2007Apr 14

Polls needs a Separate Page

I love the polls but it is a little confusing wading through them and the normal threads. A separate page might help.......
1,60112102Dec 2007Dec 200712 hrs ago

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