Who are more social?

Who are more social men or women?...
1,4274956Feb 2015

Who enjoy more during sex men or women?

Advice: This poll contains adult material and is only suitable for those 18 years or older. partici...
3,09420888Feb 2015

Is nudity and sex in porn movies disadvantage of Women Rights?

I mentioned only female because in every culture women are more respected than men. Many physiologis...
3,48815362Sep 2014

Are topics related to sex considered as normal or taboo in online discussion ??

I want to know people's opinion. Thanks...
1,8839246Sep 2014

Are men and women equal??

Different or Equal??...
1,78210960Jul 2014

Will you be on this site after marriage for friends?

I think single people on this site ans they talk here i want to if they get married or get girlfrien...
2,3228075Jan 2014

Who is more loyal in friendship?

I find that men are more devoted to friendship than women. If any person in problem women think and...
1,2261474Mar 2014

Dont you think poll is here for fun only?

Is poll here for fun only or get some knowledge? your personal view ?...
1,0361850Feb 2014

Are you here for ?

Why are here!!...
1,7946397Feb 2014

What does woman think when they get friend request or flowers here

Most of the guys want to know what I mentioned in my poll I made it easy for men n women....
2,7749065Jan 2014

Did you get any interesting person here? Does CS is good site to find love?

Your good and bad experience. Your opinion?...
1,1231753Jan 2014

Is man or woman equal?

Every time i see where i have to compare who is better. Sometimes i find women r better n sometimes...
2,41014566Jan 2014

Who recover earlier from break up man or woman

We all know ladies are more sensitive and emotional than man but they recover faster than man from b...
1,6685261Jan 2014

Who is more demanding in relationship ( Men/Women).

What your experience says...
9041158Jan 2014

Is man should apprach a lady first? why not lady

Women say men should approach first. What stops women to do that?...
834836Jan 2014

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