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The lady is doing the first step to contact you and ....

Is this a mystery? Men like woman to make the first step and approach them? Hope this poll will show...
6911359Aug 2010

What do you think Mike is doing now?

I wonder where our friend known as mike69spain dissappeared. If somebody knows, please fill in the...
2,95813944Sep 2008

I would rather go out with a

Just to have fun. A statistic for us to see what we reject most....
423175Dec 2008

Why do you think women like Lagoona?

2,45610150Sep 2008

What do you think Phoenix is doing now?

Another one who bites the dust...
3,89218152Sep 2008

Where do you want the CS New Years Eve Party to be organized?

Let's settle the location....
3,70610687Sep 2008

What do you think Rusty is doing now?

What is Rusty doing right now? We must know.......
2,1255837Sep 2008

What do you think Lago and Phoenix could do together now?

No comments. Go on please......
1,3375336Sep 2008

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