Men want sex

Statement: Men want sex with a little loving thrown in. Women want loving with a little sex thr...
4,461296266Dec 2016

What are you Really looking for?

Okay, you know the drill.... You can write as much heartfelt mushy stuff as you want in the post...
3,818203109Jan 2016

Humour -Your Preference

From which country comes your favourite type of humour? Be it tv sitcoms, stand-up, or, more im...
2,04512770Nov 2014

Intra-Gender Flirting. - Your Reaction

How would you react if somebody of the same sex flirted with you?...
2,0177964Nov 2014

Bedroom Or Outside?

Which is more important to you? A fantastic sex life and a middling relationship, or a middling...
2,21413375Sep 2014

Which Number is your preference

If SirL were here, this would be his poll. I am simply holding fort until that fab gentleman retu...
2,0318326Jul 2014


For the sake of equality!...
1,3784124Aug 2014

The Main Cause Of Relationship Break-Up Is:

3,084141101Jun 2014

Profile of CSers

Just to get a profile of the CSers on here!...
1,5086762May 2014

How Flirty Are You?

what kind of Flirt are you? Do you flirt with practically everybody you talk to, without even not...
4,22421199May 2014

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