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so....Charlie Sheen?

I know this is superficial I know what I think But I have been finding out that some people-...
2,2409599Mar 2011

how often do you agree with the moderators of CS?

not many posters here at the moment... the poll is set to accept votes if you are or arent logged...
1,1168282Jun 2009

love is

self explanatory...
1,0344468Jul 2009

who would you rather kiss?

simple choose wisely ya just nevah know...
1,12177127Jan 2009


–noun 1. an immoral or evil habit or practice. 2. immoral conduct; depraved or degrading behavior:...
1,67962101Oct 2008

minor children involved? appropriate time to blend households?

wondering what people think on this issue nowadays if a guy is willing to move in right away it...
2,47210062Feb 2008

remove the religious thread category?

hope i didnt overlook any choices up there we could just hit the vote button... im curious is al...
5,312150368Feb 2008

Are 4 Polls (or is it 5) too many Polls on one Poll?

see above vote now last one from me i swear...
979889Feb 2008

please rate fallingmans poll on mindffuls poll

says it all above please choose your option now feel free to start a poll on another method of p...
890959Feb 2008

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