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Best Female TV Presenter

Mainly for the lads! But also for everyone. Who's your favourite? Holly Willoughby is one of the best. She copes well with Keith Lemon in Celebri...

8 129 5 Nov 12

Best Male TV Presenter

Who's your favourite? Do you prefer quiz shows or chat shows?...

13 132 5 Nov 12

Have you had a stalker alert on CS?

If so, how did you deal with him/her? They're kinda sad really. Ah shur god love them! bless!...

72 1,017 20 Nov 10

Which female movie character would you like to live next door to?

Feel free to ask if you don't know who the character is or name other choices. Have fun!...

34 500 39 Oct 21

Favourite Animal Character from Movie/TV

Any others?...

6 154 19 Oct 14

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Kill (for the lads)

More frivolity! What would your four be?...

20 498 39 Oct 4

Holiday Destination Suggestions

Ok, suggestions welcome please (nice ones!). Budget €1000 max (flight/accomm/food/drink/sight seeing/souvenirs, i.e. everything!) Countries on list...

62 882 56 Sep 29

Favourite way to keep fit

I have a feeling no. 5 will be popular!...

25 409 44 Sep 26

Favourite Movie Theme

Feel free to name others and remind me of movie themes I forgot. Finding it hard to pick one myself from the 10, so here's my top four: The Deerhu...

1 177 36 Sep 10

Best TV Series Theme Tunes

Which is or are your favourites and how many can you remember or know? Hawaii Five O, HIllstreet Blues and Mr. Selfridge would be my top t...

29 492 54 Aug 20

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Kill (for the girls)

Just a little frivolity on a Sat. night! What would your four be?...

5 225 11 Aug 19

Which era of movies do you prefer? and name your fave movie from that era

Here's a few clues: Charlie Chapin movies. Laurel and Harty King Kong Casablanca Have fun! ??...

26 547 73 Aug 11

Favourite type of Holiday/Vacation

My best would be Sun holiday, interesting city break, or African safari (all with sunshine preferably! )...

25 996 99 Aug 7

What was your favourite subject at school? (even if you didn't like school)

Even if you hated school, was there a subject you felt most comfortable with or interested in? Did it help define your work life afterwards or outsid...

45 736 56 Jul 3

If you had to take part in one, which would you pick?

Which do you think you'd be best at? Or enjoy the most? None is not an option...

10 584 73 Jun 23

For Bee Gees fans: Best Bee Gees song

Just watched a programme about the Bee Gees on BBC4. Sad that there's only Barry left. Never realised they had a sister. Apparently she had to stan...

26 1,422 63 May 31

Best kind of pub/bar

Take your pick!...

15 388 41 May 13

Body shopping

Would you go body shopping? Do you know someone who's a serial body shopper? For those who don't know what it is it's those who're constantly getting...

25 492 25 May 4

10 more uniforms to pick from!

If you think of any others, do tell. Some of them can be male or female so whatever applies to you!...

25 972 78 Apr 30

How do you like your coffee?

Milk or cream and 1 sugar for me. Would be nice to have George Clooney with it too (Nespresso, what else?) but he's "busy" these days!...

64 721 44 Apr 17

Best Black and White Movies

Feel free to name others if your faves aren't on the list. There are so many good ones....

33 662 91 Apr 16

Who's gonna win the US Masters in Augusta?

I've only heard of the first 7, Rory to win, or Sergio or Fred Couples....

21 386 13 Apr 10

Best Decade for Music

I like music from most of the decades, but I do think the '60s and '70s were the best, where all the music legends came out of....

20 439 56 Apr 8

Where should one go for one's next holiday/city break?

Those are some of the on my list of places to visit. Have loads more of course! Which would you like to visit or which would you recommend most that...

0 162 26 Apr 7

Good/Topics for Date Chat

Which topics are you most likely to talk about? Maybe more than one or others not mentioned?...

38 584 37 Feb 26

CS Dateables, The Final!

Top 9 'highest' votes of the 3 polls, plus a wildcard. But is he wild? Whoever's brave enough to date this Xmas, good luck to you! :t...

115 2,530 1,863 Feb 12

Technology, good or bad?

Remember the days when you had to turn the key in the car door to lock it? (maybe some do still!) or when you had to get up to switch off the channels...

39 2,075 171 Jan 21

What's the best part of your life? Be honest now!

Don't be just picking one to make you look good now! If I left out anything, add it on in posting. Have fun! etto is each to their...

33 1,914 164 Jan 17

Typical and maybe not so typical New Years' Resolutions

Go on! Just have fun with it....

16 763 54 Dec 28

What indoor games do you like to play? ;)

Ha! I bet some of you had other games in mind! But for the more clean minded among you, which of the above are you best at? :typin...

33 1,018 77 Dec 11

Best football (soccer to some) coach past and present

So, who do you think is the best? Who would you want coaching your team? If your choice isn't on the list, name them. Our Martin is pretty good! c...

20 635 26 Dec 4

Ok guys, what skills do you have to impress a new girlfriend?

Have fun! No showing off! And be honest now!...

35 849 60 Nov 24

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits and paranormal science?

For the weekend that's in it. Have you visited any famous Haunted sites/buildings? Were they good, bad or indifferent?...

22 936 111 Nov 9

Does a man/woman in uniform do it for you? And which uniform more so?

Of course it's the person inside the uniform that matter bla bla But... just for fun..... pick one...

53 1,120 89 Nov 8

CS Dateables Part 3

In no particular order! Apologies if I left out anyone! If you're already taken, don't blame me, I didn't know! and it's just pretend/fantasy/bit of...

34 1,359 25 Nov 6

Are you? (Part 2)

Which are you?...

13 791 89 Nov 5

Are you?

I would say I am at least some of the above i.e. Non-judgmental, cool as a cucumber, moody (until I've had my morning coffee anyway!)...

11 787 76 Nov 1

Have you visited any of these famous haunted sites/houses?

Feel free to mention any other haunted sites you visited, even if they're not widely known, and why they're haunted. We gotta take a lot of the stori...

0 474 16 Oct 29

Which would you miss the most if you had to go back in time?

Imagine we were back in time before all the above mentioned, which would you miss the most and why? and/or any others you can think of...

39 1,543 123 Oct 29

What songs do you remember slow dancing to?

The days when there was smoking allowed on the dance floor etc. I think they stopped doing slow dances in the '90's, apart from the odd one....

66 1,123 48 Oct 18

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