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Ladies Is it true most of you wear the wrong bra size ?

I've read most do by 1 size under...
1,5932493Dec 2007

What Browser Do you use ?

I've been having alot of problems with Firefox on this site as of late....
1,91037132Jan 2008

Would you take a bullet for the one you loved

2,18650116Jan 2008

Would you write or respond to someone on here that didn't have a pic posted ?

I took a chance talking to someone without a pic on here and so far it's been the best move I've don...
2,31539399Jan 2008

Do you read While on the Throne ????

So I have a small library...
1,26924102Dec 2007

There's someone For Everyone

I thought no at one time but have since changed my mind...
3,502129288Feb 2008

when does life begin

I have no clue...
2,03933212Dec 2007

Would you admit to being a fan of the 80's hair bands

Yes I am...
1,0861593Dec 2007

Should Marriage Be a

Contract that has a set time limit on it so at the expiration of the contract you can either extend...
1,4693163Jan 2008

New Years Eve

Will you be here on CS at the strike of midnight ?...
2,54370103Dec 2007

Going to buy a New Bike

I'm going to buy a new Harley just can't figure out which one I want, Help. Pics of both posted u...
2,2186465Dec 2007

Men Whats your Fav. Breast Size

I'm partial to C and larger...
2,7956688Dec 2007


I just looked outside, now that it's day light and it's snowing like hell...
2,40142164Dec 2007

Webcam sex

00148Dec 2007

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