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UN migration pact in Marrakesh - global pact

1,3153218Dec 2018

United Nations. people or interests

The United Nations (UN) not your feelings but where do you think is your involvement. sorry for...
769817Sep 2017

My rabbit

In december i save a rabbit nearby. just before the frost. he was domesticated. i didn't want a p...
2,7784947Mar 2017

US politics - would bernie be a good DEM nominee?

does someone feel the bern?...
4,712831Jan 2016

adam and eve complex

You are adam OR eve and you don't like that other one. nobody else. Will human kind get extinct?...
2,3911015Sep 2015

what wouldn't you share

I hear more people that don't want to share the entire house with their partner. They want a privat...
2,8113847Sep 2015

after death

I wanted to be carried away again by an stork (bird) Sorry it is about your physical remains so h...
2,5514167Dec 2014


Belgium plans retirement at 67y. True retirement age is 57y old. But we have a social security sys...
1,247450Dec 2014

Do arranged marriages work?

It is popular in few cultures/religions. tell us about it. Do modern people see possibilities in...
2,0592468Dec 2014

Bio engineering for space travel

I since long believe that for longer space voyages we should change our skin composition to withstan...
3,416820Nov 2014

is eternal life for the current generation or next?

A part of Queen, for the rest: does the current diaper generation get this gift for free? after c...
1,5241620Oct 2014

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