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Embedded Vidieos or links

We seem to have a lot of embedded videos recently. I guess it makes it marginally easier to view, bu...
7982531Oct 2010

Is this a ridicoulous poll?

1,0505748Jul 2010

What size in a woman would you prefer?

Just whilst we're on the subject of size....
1,532115110Jun 2009

How many s*xual partners have to had?

No need to say anything, you can if you must. JUST VOTE!!!!...
1,17720119May 2008

What would you do???

You are broke, your children are hungry. You see a guy get out of a top of the range mercedes....
1,5993770Apr 2008

Should there be a limit on amount of threads?

Should there be a limit on the amount of threads a person can post each day? If so, maybe you co...
3,06790181Feb 2008

2007 How was it for you

Did 2007 live up to your expectations. Was it a special year for you or would you rather forget...
2,17555176Dec 2007

2007 How was it for you?

0041Dec 2007

2007 How was it for you?

0035Dec 2007

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