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How many children do you have?

How many combined.. children do we have.. I have three... that I 'know' of...
3,04699444Mar 2008

Does having sex mean 'Commitment?'

Soo anywayy.. I was just on a thread and this came up.. What do you think.. as a man or a woman....
9,5842051,215Jan 2008

What wakes you up in the mornings? Each morning, most mornings..

The alarm on my phone wakes me up each morning.. It plays the 'Lighthouse family's - Lifted'....
3,887151137Aug 2008

So what are you?

Anyhoooo... I was just reading another thread which made me think of this....
3,17686442Jul 2008

Simon/Indy Says: Would you have s*xual Relations with Ms S Palin?

I answered 4... I don;t even know who she IS!...
1,4455383Aug 2008

Dilemma with my teen.. what would you do?

My son is 16yrs old (just).. To be fair to him.. he is well behaved.. and I do trust him. He usu...
3,37613077Aug 2008

Mental Health.. Have you ever had a nervous breakdown?

Anyway.. I was talking about this over with someone the other day.. and it seemed quite a lot of...
3,789146274Jul 2008

Female Vicars Priests Bishops etc..

Personally, I don't mind at all. But then.. not being a church goer I don't suppose it effects m...
1,0361862Jul 2008

Plastic surgery.. Have you? Would you?

If I were a gazzilionaire.. I'd get the bloody LOT done.. haha But I'm not Tho I do plan t...
2,620109129Mar 2008

Okay.. let's see if you are hiding secret pain?

Hmm we might have to wait for the Time zones a bit to get it more accurate.. Are you hiding som...
2,04665117May 2008

Your 16yr old daughter comes to you pregnant..

Personally.. I would TRY to talk her (gently) into a termination.. but ultimately the choices would...
2,37287131Mar 2008

Your best friends other half is having an affair..

What would you do? Would you tell your best friend their you KNEW their other half was cheating?...
1,92141126Mar 2008

K.. I'm bored.. how many people bite their nails?

(yeah yeah I know)...
1,61346115Feb 2008

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