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favorite Evil Dead movie

While you are at it what are some of your favorite quotes from the movies? Mine are "Groovy!" an...
1,9632252Nov 2008

What would you watch with Tom Servo and Crow from MST3K?

If you could watch any channel on TV or any movie with Tom Servo and Crow what would you watch?...
8582222Mar 2010

Who is your favorite character on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Who is your favorite MST3K character?...
523316Feb 2010

What's Jim Carrey's best movie in your opinion?

I thought the Mask was funny but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies....
99344129Mar 2009

Which band member of the Pixies would you want to hang out with?

It would be a hard choice because I would like to hang out with both Frank Black and Joey Santiago....
443323Mar 2009

Would you want to see the Pixies in concert when they get back together and tour again in June?

Pixies are reuniting. YAY!...
6071044Mar 2009

Does anyone remember the old synthesizers like the Moog with the big ocilators and patch cables?

The good old Moog synthesizers you had to tune up before playing and they also had all the extra stu...
484224Mar 2009

do you prefer actual instruments or those from a synthesizer or computer program?

Which one do you prefer? I like both. One is more appropriate in a situation than the other although...
510834Mar 2009

Are you a skeptic when it comes to superstition?

I find myself being a skeptic of things that are supernatural. Especially when something like scienc...
324038Mar 2009

what horror/scary/ dark comedy movie character would you date?

who would you date?...
825947Mar 2009

Did you like the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie?

I thought it was great....
507738Mar 2009

Who is your favorite Slasher movie character?

I may have forgotten a few but those are the main ones....
5991247Feb 2009

Have you seen the movie Braindead (also called Dead Alive)? If so post the scene you thought gross.

The movie was directed by Peter Jackson who also directed Lord of the Rings (surprise surprise.) Bra...
694423Feb 2009

Favorite band from the 80s and 90s alternative rock scene

I go with Nirvana!...
3,14051148Oct 2008

Favorite Ghostbusters character?

I ain't afraid of no ghost....
8491674Oct 2008

Favorite MAD magazine character

I'm probably missing some. I am somewhat familiar with MAD....
750137Oct 2008

Favorite games from the 80s part 3

More games form the 80s...
589774Oct 2008

Favorite game from 80s part 2

here is part 2...
5631064Oct 2008

Favorite NES game from the 80s

What's your favorite NES game?...
6721366Oct 2008

Favorite Beavis and Butthead character...

Which one you like the best? I am going with Beavis....
638152Oct 2008

Favorite actor/actress

00112Mar 2008

favorite musician

0090Mar 2008

Best band?

0081Mar 2008

Is Star Wars..

0044Mar 2008

Favorite Fantasy Book...

0027Mar 2008

Favorite Sci-Fi book..

0033Mar 2008

What is your favorite zombie film?

0037Mar 2008

All Time best James Bond movies

0048Mar 2008

Favorite Science Fiction movie

0047Mar 2008

Favorite Star Wars movie

0036Mar 2008

Favorite Nirvana Song

0041Mar 2008

Favortie Radiohead song

0025Mar 2008

Favorite Monty Python Movie

0040Mar 2008

Best Micheal Gondry movie..

Micheal Gondry has to be one of my favorite directors. How about you?...
799116Mar 2008

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