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What percentage of profiles on CS do you think are fake?

By 'fake' I do not mean those profiles using photos that are 25 years old, who use the words 'curvy'...
6411657Jun 2019

How would you like to die?

Look, it's going to happen, so make your choice right here before all the good ones are gone, and pa...
1,4067238Jul 2019

When last did you meet up with a new CS contact?

So folks, dating sites are all about meeting the proverbial Mister/Miss The LOve of my Life. So whe...
7392430Jul 2019

Single Men: How self-sufficient are you?

How in command are you of your own domestic situation? Are you Commander-in-Chief of the wash bucket...
358714Jun 2019

Ladies, how do you react when a handsome hunk passes you by on the street?

Asking for a friend....
5091622Jun 2019

Do you believe we will have another war in the Middle East within the next 2 years?

I think I hear a little drumbeat that is getting louder.......
349919Jun 2019

How long have you been on CS?

There are plenty of lifers here. Own it....
1,5025838May 2019

Are you wasting your time on earth?

Think about it. Life is short. Take all the time you need....
3841126May 2019

Have you ever considered how difficult you are to live with?

In the world of dating, mating and matrimony, judging your own personal flexibility and personality...
1,0363941Oct 2018

Big and beautiful, Bag o' Bones - what's your tag?

The world has 815 million people who are thin and under-nourished. It also has 600 million people wh...
1,3895820Oct 2018

What type of childhood did you have?

Science tells us that our upbringing defines a lot of what and who we become, DNA represents the res...
4822618Nov 2018

Older men dating younger women.

What's your spontaneous reaction when you see an older man with a much younger woman on his arm?...
2,1599958Nov 2018

Please VOTE on this poll.

How many CS members of the opposite sex have you dated in Real Life?...
474147Nov 2018

What are the BEST things about living alone?

What did I miss?...
6463122Nov 2018

Why are you on Connecting Singles?

Depending on feedback from this poll, changes will be made to the architecture of this site. For in...
2,43210590Oct 2018

What did you think of the movie 'Pride and Prejudice'?

813329Oct 2018

Pick a profile that matches you.

If you can't find an appropriate match, make a comment....
4421018Oct 2018

Show some class, will ya??

How classy are you? Do your social activities define your social status? Which of these activities h...
9464425Oct 2018

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