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A one rule universe. THE GOLDEN RULE. Do you think we could be a civil society with just this rule?

if we all treat each other just the way we would love to be treated I think all careers falling unde...
264329Mar 2019

When Buttigieg wins what will the first person be called?

I had nothing better to do so I was trying to figure this out....
3141113May 2019


I'm just the messenger, who's not going to read comments....
4041047May 2019

Have you been fooled by scammers on here?

this is the second dating site ive been led on by a scammer and i am so angry and disappointed. just...
6872361May 2019

I love animals but I dont want pets in the house at all. What do you think of me?

I love animals. I am a vegetarian because I am totally against having animals suffer for the sake of...
1,0365853Apr 2019

Whats your take on women who are comfortable being a home maker?

1,1906040Apr 2019

Can racism be stopped by each human marrying and having kids with one out of their race?

I am so tired of hearing about racism that once I came up with this fantasy. What if every single ra...
9073964Mar 2019

Whats your take on single parents?

Everyone has standards and a right to. If you prefer having someone with no kids, then you should ke...
340434Mar 2019

Are large butt and hips more sexy than less of it?

I love big butt and I cannot lie and twould be fun having some more....
5942337Mar 2019

Are aliens real?

I have always struggled to understand....
8305038Mar 2019

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