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Mothers earth

I would like to ask .people is it possible .that mother earth said .I have been telling people that you are killings me .for over 70y .and you would n...
311146Apr 4Apr 23Jul 29

Is there anything in the zodiac signs

I have been in the stars for 40y .I don't mean the papers .etc but I found that .there is something there .if you are are Aries .you are a bit straig...
22753Feb 15Feb 1624 hrs ago


been thinking .about life .and were we came from .start to think we might be from a superior bean .maybe there race were dieing from .war or some form...
215615Apr 5Jun 22Jul 31

USA football

Is it better .to have as much love in your first 10 of your live .then the next .90 .if you live to a 100 or more .I think the first 10 because .it...
11908Feb 29Jul 29

Film stars

the time we are in it crazy .I know .but it might be a good time to talk to the stars we love .or gust like .so I have been thinking .if we ask .the s...
11512Apr 4Apr 4Jul 30

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