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What is your favorite tv series from 70's and 80's

Little House on the Prairie...
2311610Jan 16

Which is the best apps for video calling and chatting?

Messenger For me hangouts are for scammers use only...
213510Jan 10

If you could RID the world of 1 thing what would it be?

1,1926628Dec 22

Which of the Group Band Singers is your Top 1?

My Top 1 is Bread. I like their songs. It's nice to hear to my ears....
2451119Dec 7

What Climate Seasons Do You Hate The Most?

Rainy/typhoon.....people are affected when typhoon hits here especially in other provinces and low -...
201410Nov 21

When You Were A Kid....What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

When i was kid, i want to be a doctor...
6213123Nov 18

Which One Is Harder?

If you're not ready or willing to let go, it will be hard for you to move on. It's not an overnight...
3321320Nov 10

Which Genre Movies Do You Like To Watch?

I watch all kinds of movies. I basically enjoy watching genre as long as the movies has good plot. M...
4722427Nov 2

What Do You Prefer To Date Someone

I prefer older than me. But i fell in love with a man a year younger than me. It doesn't matter. An...
3601225Oct 29

Which Of These Is The First Thing You Do After You Wake Up In The Morning?

First thing to do is pray..... i say good morning God, good morning Jesus, and good morning Holly Sp...
5392527Oct 23

Who Was Your Favorite Superhero When You Were A Little Kid? Why?

My favorite superhero is Superman because when i was a kid i want to fly....
291820Oct 21

What Did You Enjoy The Most When You Were Studying?

High school life is one of the happiest moment in my life. In my high school days, there are many ev...
4171815Oct 2

Which of the vaccines is the best?

Some people say Phizer and Moderna. I haven't been vaccinated yet. I'm still waiting for the schedul...
2,54511127Jul 18

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