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having flu/cold

which one do u hate more...
1,1464421Jul 2011

horrible how can you eat a baby fetus?

Comment: A town in Canton is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to increase health and s*xual perf...
2,5126138Jun 2011

do u have

random question.i get asked, thought mite ask u...
1,83265121Nov 2010


what kind of glutton are u?...
8503635Feb 2011

do people still keep promises?

do people still keep promises they make to u?or have u broken urs if so why?...
1,2574557Jan 2011

what bores you?

or loneliness...
9464261Nov 2010

how old is old?

I am attracted to older men, but just hate it if a man double my age,shows "romantic" interest in me...
7531652Nov 2010

ladies and gents! how many frogs would u kiss,to find your prince/sess

I have kissed many frogs still haven't found my prince!but im not much into royalty a jester would d...
1,1512954Nov 2010

This is a list of Polls created by chococherrie.

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