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Which of the folowing TV chanells do you choose to watch?

I d prefer the news channels.I chose CNN.It s very nice-surfing in CS and the same time watching som...
773771Dec 2008

While surfing in CS what do you prefer?

0062Oct 2008

Deep Purple "Child in Time" vs Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven"

0082Oct 2008

Why some people in CS didn t posted their photos?

I d like seeing what is the reason for too many profiles without photos....
2,5844376Aug 2008

Today is the Black Monday for the worlds stock markets.How do you think?

Lehman peg out,Eurostocks slipped nearly 10%,so do it in the Far East.I ve begun deeply concern ab...
1,0492087Sep 2008

Which country will win most medals in Bejing?

0073Aug 2008

/Women only/What men s occupation suits you best?

0038Aug 2008

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