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Where to go???

Looking at last minute deals, but not sure which to chose Has anyone been to any of these?...
8571732Aug 2010

Why not make the USA forum into one big one instead of having one for each state?

Been thinking about this for quite some time, even since before Obama was elected... as it got a bit...
1,3884082Nov 2009

Would you be interested in a new Europe CS Get Together?

During my trip to Dublin last weekend, great get together btw, I was asked by a couple of people to...
2,31022579Dec 2009

How often do you shower???

Just wondering... as part of a bet.......
2,46193439Oct 2008

How important is it for you to be married?

Ok, say you've been seeing someone for some time, and you're both equally serious about the relation...
1,20586105Mar 2009

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