Would you like to live longer .. or better?

We often read about how to extend our lives but sometimes I wonder whether we're better off living i...
1,42646108Sep 2017

Same Sex Marriage

We have a plebiscite going on here in regard to this matter Feel free to express your though...
1,60245145Sep 2017

Are all men stupid?

Just thought I would generalise about men, in keeping with the questions raised about the entire fe...
3,342276154Nov 2016

Do You Care about American Politics

Cast your vote here....
1,7015478Oct 2016

Should Bullfighting Be Banned

Please express your views and the reasons behind them...
3,176210111Jul 2016

Your Favourite Music Decade

Tell us about your favourite music era and post your faves here...
1,81538107Jun 2016

Information Sharing

How do you feel when people give explicit details about their personal lives on here...
1,8081950Apr 2016


Please discuss...
810752Oct 2014

Stress Relief

How do you cope when life gets stressful...
2,2179066Apr 2014

Tick 'em Off

Recently raised some prayer flags on a warm breezy day, sent a Thank You up to the universe, underst...
683130Jul 2013

Sex Without Love

This is about you, not what you think is right for other people Discuss...
2,2679892May 2013

s*xual Bucket List

What s*xual things would you like to experience before you die...
2,3093350May 2012

How would you describe your neighbours?

How do you feel about your neighbours? When we choose a home, we generally have no idea who's l...
2,7893950Sep 2011

Who wants Pebbles to get his shirt off?

It's showtime...
1,75326921Jun 2011

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