What would you do if you had cancer?

What do you think? Have you ever been diagnosed cancer?...
1,6543066Oct 2012

The eldery - where is the best place to live

I have an old mother and this is why I put this question...
1,5443449Sep 2012

What do you think about e-learning?

Do you think it is really useful or worth nothing?...
1,9302757Sep 2012

Is it better to be good person or to deceive people?

What do you think?...
8041674Aug 2012

Do you like travelling?

I just wonder to know...
1,87555123Feb 2012

what do you think about a woman in casual clothes

What do you think?...
1,2763776Sep 2011

Would you buy a book on psychopaths?

I wonder what will be the answers. I think psychopaths are very dangerous people and maybe it is wor...
1,3904966Aug 2011

Where in the world the health system is the best?

There are different kinds of health systems in the world. Some are good, some better, some are not t...
9111932Jun 2011

What do you think about nuclear energy?

I suppose that half of CS people and population is in favor of this energy and the other half in opp...
1,108553May 2011

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