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should profanity be allowed in the forums

1,05410352Dec 2007

do you think our governments peruse Interent forums?

I've read and heard where certain words or phrases during conversations on phones and internet commu...
7641247Mar 2009

would you date someone and ALL YOU KNEW was thier name and you liked their looks.

based on looks alone would you date someone?...
9985578Feb 2009

which are you more inclined to date

After some thought I realize some things are easy to comment on when anonymity is provided. but f...
99325104Dec 2008

hook them up to a lie detector at the next debate?

lets face it, as most previous election they all made promises to the American citizens, But what...
6501559Oct 2008

should the U.S. Government be bailing out investment and banking institutions.

When ever I over extended myself, i was never offered such a plush safety net. maybe its time to let...
2,02189128Aug 2008

Ecomonic package and characters of "Gilligans Island" ...who would benefit the most

If they where not on that deserted island, who would be the most happy with this new economic 800 Bi...
793371Oct 2008

what is your biggest memory problem

in this poll age should not apply as I believe everyone has a tendency to forget something regularly...
1,89364121Aug 2008

which irrates/upsets you more someone who

I find those not paying child support most upseting. #5 I simple just am not capable of...
1,53925124Jul 2008

in what order motivates you the most to check out a profile

there are different things that compel each of us to check out someones profile. being who I am I...
2,70576161Jan 2008

filing your taxes how you go about it

is the process of filing taxes getting easier for you...
847277Feb 2008

A/ meeting ,gathering , party of other single internet users in your area would you want to know?

Most are serious about meeting someone ( OK I'm exaggerating ) Should social public gatherings...
880168Jan 2008

canyou return to the old relationship status quo after you've crossed the line of just friends

Backpedaling on the Relationship Upgrade..If the two were Kissing Under The Influence, if Aliens Mad...
1,2092068Jan 2008

how soon after your divorce/ break-up did you have intimate relations

It took me 3 months and 800 mile road trip to clear the doubts and confusion in my mind. My divorce...
1,6874042Jan 2008

unexpected visitors or company

how do you react to unexpected visitors who without any forewarning just come knocking on yourr door...
9651064Dec 2007

thread attraction...what attracts you most to threads?

0052Dec 2007

Wow when you and I agree lot or are so similair In thought...

Wow when you and I agree lot or are so similair In thought...
984150Dec 2007

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