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Singapore Puzzle


Most beautiful site in Singapore...
665071Sep 2018
Valentine Puzzle


Make sure you give her Red Roses...
763033Feb 2016
The Sharks Puzzle

The Sharks

My team...
672070Feb 2016
Baking Puzzle


Passion for baking...
750049Jan 2016
I Love You Puzzle

I Love You

Everyone's wish to be loved...
713041Jan 2016
My Passion Puzzle

My Passion

To design something that is beautiful, you have to...
1,481042Jan 2016
Catch a Ride Puzzle

Catch a Ride

Ride on the wild side of Table Mountain...
672061Jan 2016
Karma Cafe Puzzle

Karma Cafe

What you do to others will come back to you...
721062Jan 2016
Eat to Live Puzzle

Eat to Live

Nothing like a great weekend with meat on a braai...
756033Jan 2016
Love Your Family Puzzle

Love Your Family

Family should be together in Good and Bad times...
745031Jan 2016
Family Puzzle


Having a family of your own is very important...
939027Jan 2016
Roses Puzzle


Roses for the one you Love...
739047Dec 2015
Angel Puzzle


Nothing like an Angel...
690046Dec 2015
Promise Puzzle


Live your life to the fullest...
717032Dec 2015
I Love You Puzzle

I Love You

Different ways to say I LOVE YOU...
779046Dec 2015
Dont Cry Puzzle

Don't Cry

Never make a woman cry!...
811026Dec 2015
India Puzzle


Lovely India...
722047Oct 2015
Diamonds Puzzle


Diamonds a girls best friend...
718027Oct 2015
Durban Puzzle


Durban at night with endless beauty...
780033Oct 2015
Art Puzzle


Creating Art with sand and mind...
708041Oct 2015
Want to play Puzzle

Want to play

Bear and snow...
629044Oct 2015
Beauty of Nature Puzzle

Beauty of Nature

The beauty of Seabreeze at Port Edward...
804033Aug 2015
Life Puzzle


Our life...
573036Apr 2015
beauty of colour Puzzle

beauty of colour

happy birthday...
671031Mar 2015
Precious Stones Puzzle

Precious Stones

Selected Gems from the heart of South Africa...
603033Mar 2015
Valentine Puzzle


the best chocolate for Valentine...
628033Feb 2015
A great cup of coffee Puzzle

A great cup of coffee

Coffee to keep you warm from winter blues...
616028Jun 2014
Happy birthday Puzzle

Happy birthday

Happy birthday...
935227Jun 2014
kiss Puzzle


Just a kiss...
716024Jun 2014
Cape Town Puzzle

Cape Town

The beauty of Cape Town...
880022Jun 2014
Black Forest cake Puzzle

Black Forest cake

awesome Black Forest cake...
855022May 2014
Faith Puzzle


Having faith...
685027Feb 2014
beauty of nature Puzzle

beauty of nature

One of Gods greatest creation...
674029Feb 2014
Elephants Puzzle


Elephants in South Africa...
856024Jun 2013
beauty Puzzle


Beauty in the hands of a woman...
731024May 2013
jet ski Puzzle

jet ski

jet ski at the Hazelmere dam...
712023May 2013
love Puzzle


Just for You my Love......
812021May 2013
cup cakes Puzzle

cup cakes

A selection of cup cakes...
693024Apr 2013
Love Puzzle


Love under the stars.......
860023Apr 2013
lemons Puzzle


Go green and take care of your enviroment...
841024Apr 2013

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