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Donkey On Boat Puzzle

Donkey On Boat

Here's a donkey riding on a boat....
1,592530Sep 2012
Revenge On Vets Puzzle

Revenge On Vets

An alien cat takes revenge on a veterinarian....
775124Jun 2013
Lying Dog Puzzle

Lying Dog

Another illustration of a dog who can't seem to te...
760120Feb 2014
Nice Try Puzzle

Nice Try

Hey, at least it's a balanced diet. Fruits and ve...
1,104129Apr 2014
Talk Puzzle


"I don't just talk to myself..."...
1,153125Apr 2014
Lights In The Park Puzzle

Lights In The Park

Lights in the park....
960133Apr 2013
Lake Michigan Puzzle

Lake Michigan

Almost looks like an exotic island. Nice scene!...
998334May 2013
Custom Car Puzzle

Custom Car

This car was hand-built from scratch, by a guy at...
966230Oct 2012
1,030125Jul 2013
Startled Governer Puzzle

Startled Governer

Deer startles state governor....
1,001020Apr 2014
Mr Rogers Puzzle

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers always loved everybody. He was a good...
987120Apr 2014
Fake vs Reality Puzzle

Fake vs Reality

The difference between online persona and reality...
1,070122Apr 2014
My dream yacht Puzzle

My dream yacht

A mere 40 million bucks for this nifty little tub....
1,004016Mar 2014
Emergency Puzzle


This is why emergency rooms were invented, and it'...
853019Mar 2014
Fur Baby Puzzle

Fur Baby

Have you hugged your fur baby today?...
884015Mar 2014
Spiderman Puzzle


All those little buggers can sure tire a poor mama...
909039Mar 2014
Big Mac Baby Puzzle

Big Mac Baby

No wonder babies put on weight so fast!...
1,063017Mar 2014
Be Yourself Puzzle

Be Yourself

Better to be yourself....
963010Mar 2014
Roll Eyes Puzzle

Roll Eyes

"Don't roll your eyes at me."...
855021Mar 2014
Motorcycles Puzzle


Dominoes - what happens when riders park motorcycl...
888017Mar 2014
Galaxy Puzzle


Iphone vs S4....
900014Mar 2014
Tri Head Puzzle

Tri Head

Three-headed dog scares all the neighbors' dogs!...
970015Mar 2014
Phone Puzzle


People use the cell too much, and here's a guy who...
967016Mar 2014
Different Strokes Puzzle

Different Strokes

Dear old couple out having some fun....
1,023119Mar 2014
Dont Care Puzzle

Don't Care

When you reach that "certain age", you don't care...
966019Mar 2014
She Can Hunt Too Puzzle

She Can Hunt, Too

She can do more than just run the washer....
874019Mar 2014
Work Puzzle


Good advice....
743014Mar 2014
Girl With Motorcycle Puzzle

Girl With Motorcycle

Beautiful Ashlee packing for a trip on a Honda Gol...
683019Mar 2014
Unique Bed Puzzle

Unique Bed

Here's a different twist in the bed department....
699022Mar 2014
Girl With Horse Puzzle

Girl With Horse

Nice horse and rider....
708014Mar 2014
Mornings Puzzle


Forget it. I don't do mornings....
615013Mar 2014
Baby With Dog Puzzle

Baby With Dog

Cute picture of a baby and the family dog....
685018Mar 2014
Bands Puzzle


Bands for older folks. This is funny!...
699017Mar 2014
Jamaica Puzzle


Here's gentleman who has the right idea!!...
600018Feb 2014
Woman Cave Puzzle

Woman Cave

If men can have a msn cave, it's only fair play fo...
693114Feb 2014
Problems Puzzle


Big problems here....
694036Feb 2014
Snow Rage Puzzle

Snow Rage

What happens when two rival neighbors are snowblow...
783019Feb 2014
Stress Puzzle


Stress??? What stress? LOL....
718120Feb 2014
Freaking Puzzle


"Grandma, you gotta come get me..."...
691016Feb 2014
My Life Puzzle

My Life

My life. Sigh....
708025Feb 2014

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