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LifeThirst Quizzes (24)

Your Ultimate Sex Standard Test
Your Ultimate Sex Standard Test
This test is especially helpful in the bedroom if...
Most Views:80,588
Most Comments:432
Most Taken:3,519
Create Date:Sep 2011
How Witty Are You Test
How Witty Are You? Test
Witty means “sharp minded” or “cleaver”! Also a fu...
Most Views:67,787
Most Comments:208
Most Taken:1,918
Create Date:Nov 2011
How BADASS fighter are you Test
How BADASS fighter are you? Test
A good fighter can blend their movement with an op...
Most Views:6,187
Most Comments:9
Most Taken:83
Create Date:May 2012
Basic Math Common Sense Test
Basic Math-Common Sense Test
In our daily life the matters we face sometimes, i...
Most Views:44,168
Most Comments:65
Most Taken:1,483
Create Date:Sep 2011
How International Are You Test
How International Are You? Test
This test will measure your interest, experience,...
Most Views:13,579
Most Comments:25
Most Taken:553
Create Date:Nov 2011
How Cuddle able Naughty are you Test
How Cuddle able & Naughty are you? Test
As the title suggests take this test to measure ex...
Most Views:34,990
Most Comments:284
Most Taken:2,186
Create Date:Nov 2011
Confusing Words Test
Confusing Words Test
You need to do good communication in your daily li...
Most Views:8,758
Most Comments:35
Most Taken:670
Create Date:Aug 2011
How Lonely Are You Test
How Lonely Are You? Test
~ When alone, have you ever thought, ~ That deep...
Most Views:21,900
Most Comments:89
Most Taken:1,213
Create Date:Feb 2012
Test Your Mind Reading Skill for Men
Test Your “Mind Reading” Skill [for Men]
Whenever you will meet a stranger or even someone...
Most Views:6,955
Most Comments:15
Most Taken:252
Create Date:Nov 2011
How LIP LOCKable you are Test
How LIP-LOCKable you are? Test
There are some simple rules to the art of kissing...
Most Views:10,005
Most Comments:66
Most Taken:1,536
Create Date:Aug 2011
Worlds Shortest Personality Test
World's Shortest Personality Test
It’s that as the name suggests! It’s the shortest...
Most Views:16,023
Most Comments:115
Most Taken:1,596
Create Date:Sep 2011
The mythical Kama Sutra is the sex guide par excel...
Most Views:14,338
Most Comments:6
Most Taken:234
Create Date:May 2012
God created human and human created... ;-) ... A...
Most Views:69,809
Most Comments:15
Most Taken:246
Create Date:Apr 2012
USA Presidential Election Quiz
USA Presidential Election Quiz
This is a simple quiz as the title suggests. Take...
Most Views:3,996
Most Comments:9
Most Taken:79
Create Date:Jun 2012
How Intelligent Are You Test
How Intelligent Are You? Test
Dose intelligence turns you on and / or do you thi...
Most Views:6,086
Most Comments:10
Most Taken:78
Create Date:Nov 2012
Test Your Mind Reading Skill for Women
Test Your “Mind Reading” Skill [for Women]
Whenever you will meet a stranger or even someone...
Most Views:6,410
Most Comments:16
Most Taken:222
Create Date:Nov 2011
Are you REALLY over him Test
Are you REALLY over him? Test
Is it over? ~ are you really over him? ~ is it o...
Most Views:3,157
Most Comments:2
Most Taken:95
Create Date:May 2014
How Socially Tolerant Are You Test
How Socially Tolerant Are You? Test
Sometimes in real life we face some situations tho...
Most Views:15,122
Most Comments:18
Most Taken:397
Create Date:Oct 2011
How Effective Is Your CS Profile Test
How Effective Is Your CS Profile? Test
Although there are many guidelines how to write an...
Most Views:6,071
Most Comments:19
Most Taken:339
Create Date:Sep 2011
EYESIGHT A Quick Test 4 U
EYESIGHT: A Quick Test 4 U
I have designed this scientific test for you becau...
Most Views:8,844
Most Comments:64
Most Taken:503
Create Date:Nov 2011
Im Not A Cyberbully Really
I'm Not A Cyberbully! Really???
Did you ever think about your online behaviour? Is...
Most Views:2,089
Most Comments:1
Most Taken:24
Create Date:May 2014
Worlds Shortest Personality Disorder Test
World’s Shortest Personality Disorder Test
Are you the God? I guess “No” :) Then welcome a...
Most Views:4,032
Most Comments:19
Most Taken:155
Create Date:Nov 2011
ZOMBIE Level IV Outbreak Survival Test
ZOMBIE! Level IV Outbreak Survival Test!
It may be a fantasy… something hardcore… and this...
Most Views:6,693
Most Comments:26
Most Taken:182
Create Date:Sep 2011
How much is your possibility to date a ZOMBIE
How much is your possibility to date a ZOMBIE?
Probably you know the drill when dating a vampire...
Most Views:4,277
Most Comments:4
Most Taken:22
Create Date:May 2012

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