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Are You Judging or Perceiving Quiz
Are You Judging or Perceiving? Quiz
This quiz is about lifestyle and work habits. Judg...
Most Views:58,652
Most Comments:80
Most Taken:1,933
Create Date:Sep 2009
Do People Take Advantage of You Quiz
Do People Take Advantage of You? Quiz
Do you ever feel that people take advantage of you...
Most Views:20,730
Most Comments:35
Most Taken:1,246
Create Date:Jan 2010
How Brave Are You Quiz
How Brave Are You? Quiz
Do you cope well in situations that require braver...
Most Views:13,591
Most Comments:38
Most Taken:1,288
Create Date:Oct 2009
How Fit Are You Quiz
How Fit Are You? Quiz
Are you an active person who loves to keep in good...
Most Views:7,520
Most Comments:10
Most Taken:370
Create Date:Oct 2009
Do You Have a Sense of Humour Quiz
Do You Have a Sense of Humour Quiz
Can you find humour in most situations, or are you...
Most Views:10,698
Most Comments:52
Most Taken:2,073
Create Date:Dec 2009
Do you have a foot fetish Quiz
Do you have a foot fetish? Quiz
OK, this quiz is not clinical nor will it delve in...
Most Views:24,618
Most Comments:15
Most Taken:555
Create Date:Sep 2009
How Sexually Adventurous Are You Mens Edition
How Sexually Adventurous Are You?- Men’s Edition
Any guy can have an adventure on a mountain biking...
Most Views:30,576
Most Comments:48
Most Taken:2,256
Create Date:Nov 2009
How Materialistic Are You
How Materialistic Are You?
Are you more concerned with material things than a...
Most Views:13,561
Most Comments:17
Most Taken:763
Create Date:Nov 2009
How Shallow Are You Quiz
How Shallow Are You? Quiz
If someone asked you if you were shallow, you’d pr...
Most Views:10,629
Most Comments:27
Most Taken:1,077
Create Date:Oct 2009
Are You A Thinker or A Feeler Quiz
Are You A Thinker or A Feeler? Quiz
Are you a Thinking or Feeling type? Thinkers tend...
Most Views:67,145
Most Comments:151
Most Taken:4,270
Create Date:Sep 2009
Are You a Love Cynic Quiz
Are You a Love Cynic? Quiz
Do you think that love only happens in the movies,...
Most Views:12,912
Most Comments:7
Most Taken:520
Create Date:Feb 2010
How Sarcastic Are You
How Sarcastic Are You?
Sarcasm is one of the most subtle forms of humor,...
Most Views:21,328
Most Comments:47
Most Taken:1,855
Create Date:Dec 2009
Is Your Grammar Ghastly or Great
Is Your Grammar Ghastly or Great?
Written communication is how billions of people se...
Most Views:9,252
Most Comments:59
Most Taken:1,405
Create Date:Nov 2009
How Mellow Are You
How Mellow Are You?
Can you sit for hours contemplating the meaning of...
Most Views:15,196
Most Comments:31
Most Taken:819
Create Date:Nov 2009
Do You Love Working With Children Quiz
Do You Love Working With Children? Quiz
Working with children is a special calling that at...
Most Views:12,786
Most Comments:17
Most Taken:298
Create Date:Nov 2009
Sensing or Intuition Quiz
Sensing or Intuition Quiz
This quiz addresses how you learn; how you take in...
Most Views:75,248
Most Comments:127
Most Taken:3,910
Create Date:Sep 2009
Are You a Stick in the Mud
Are You a Stick in the Mud?
It’s no secret – everybody likes to have things th...
Most Views:4,704
Most Comments:6
Most Taken:281
Create Date:Dec 2009
What is your Life Goal
What is your Life Goal?
As human beings, we tend to spend our lives workin...
Most Views:8,688
Most Comments:18
Most Taken:629
Create Date:Nov 2009
How Generous Are You
How Generous Are You?
Do you think that giving is better than receiving,...
Most Views:8,739
Most Comments:17
Most Taken:657
Create Date:Nov 2009
Would You Ever Cheat on Your Partner
Would You Ever Cheat on Your Partner?
Are you the cheating type, or are you far too hone...
Most Views:12,333
Most Comments:65
Most Taken:1,667
Create Date:Feb 2010
How much do you know about body language Quiz
How much do you know about body language? Quiz
Are you aware your posture says more about you tha...
Most Views:17,440
Most Comments:56
Most Taken:3,146
Create Date:Sep 2009
Are You a Good Kisser
Are You a Good Kisser?
How good are you at kissing? Are you one of those...
Most Views:5,358
Most Comments:24
Most Taken:614
Create Date:Feb 2010
How Atheist Are You
How Atheist Are You?
In the dating world, the religion that one practic...
Most Views:5,292
Most Comments:15
Most Taken:314
Create Date:Dec 2009
How Patient Are You
How Patient Are You?
Patience is supposed to be a virtue, but many peop...
Most Views:19,727
Most Comments:51
Most Taken:1,428
Create Date:Dec 2009
Are You a Good Lover
Are You a Good Lover?
Do you create sparks between the sheets, or is you...
Most Views:21,609
Most Comments:170
Most Taken:5,621
Create Date:Nov 2009
How Sexually Adventurous Are You Womens Edition
How Sexually Adventurous Are You?- Women's Edition
Hey Ladies.. do you believe that sex should be kep...
Most Views:17,773
Most Comments:34
Most Taken:1,596
Create Date:Nov 2009
How Spoiled Are You quiz
How Spoiled Are You? quiz
Whether we want to admit it or not, some of us are...
Most Views:15,506
Most Comments:23
Most Taken:923
Create Date:Dec 2009
What Kind of Lover Are You
What Kind of Lover Are You?
Lucky with the ladies? Make the boys go crazy? Do...
Most Views:12,078
Most Comments:162
Most Taken:2,714
Create Date:Nov 2009
What Type of Girl Do You Like
What Type of Girl Do You Like?
What is your ideal woman like? Maybe you prefer a...
Most Views:67,687
Most Comments:231
Most Taken:7,422
Create Date:Nov 2009
Are You a Musical Genius Quiz
Are You a Musical Genius? Quiz
How much do you know about musical instruments? T...
Most Views:14,936
Most Comments:11
Most Taken:584
Create Date:Nov 2009
How Chivalrous Are You
How Chivalrous Are You?
There was a time during which chivalry – the ideal...
Most Views:7,804
Most Comments:13
Most Taken:371
Create Date:Dec 2009
How Alpha Are You
How Alpha Are You?
Humans may have evolved from an earlier form in th...
Most Views:5,513
Most Comments:10
Most Taken:582
Create Date:Dec 2009
What Type of Guy Do You Like
What Type of Guy Do You Like?
There may be plenty of single men out there, but l...
Most Views:34,567
Most Comments:179
Most Taken:5,780
Create Date:Dec 2009
Are you ready to date someone who has kids Quiz
Are you ready to date someone who has kids? Quiz
There comes a time when many of us are presented w...
Most Views:7,480
Most Comments:37
Most Taken:841
Create Date:Sep 2009
How Irish Are You Quiz
How Irish Are You? Quiz
With the fun-filled festivities of St. Patrick’s D...
Most Views:12,614
Most Comments:31
Most Taken:830
Create Date:Jan 2010
Philosophy 101 Quiz
Philosophy 101 Quiz
Do you know more about philosophy than what you re...
Most Views:12,292
Most Comments:14
Most Taken:806
Create Date:Sep 2009
Do You Fall for Bad Guys Quiz
Do You Fall for Bad Guys? Quiz
It’s a known fact that many women prefer bad guys...
Most Views:15,107
Most Comments:34
Most Taken:1,196
Create Date:Dec 2009
Which hobby is right for you Quiz
Which hobby is right for you? Quiz
This quiz may help you chose a path for your next...
Most Views:39,315
Most Comments:72
Most Taken:3,111
Create Date:Sep 2009
Test Your Idiomatic Intelligence
Test Your Idiomatic Intelligence
The English language is filled with plenty of colo...
Most Views:4,841
Most Comments:8
Most Taken:309
Create Date:Dec 2009
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Quiz
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Quiz
We often hear or read of the Seven Wonders of the...
Most Views:11,995
Most Comments:13
Most Taken:647
Create Date:Sep 2009

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