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Dub, Dublin Ireland
Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:21 AM CST

Please be brutally honest

I get a lot of mails but too many dishonest folks, scammers and cheaters on this site. Do you think my profile specifically invites these sort of people or they're just sickos lurking around the site? All feedback welcome ;-)
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Profile Deleted
Sep 29, 2013
I think your profile looks good.
Reads well also...

I think although your images look great (VERY small though!), all very consistent, but for some folk this might put them off, may think you are in fact fake yourself!

I'm all for consistency and presentable imagery; but these images aren't helping you I don't think, in that it kind of looks like you got them from a modelling website or something should mix it up a bit!

Most likely guys would like to see more of a mix between these types of 'posed' pix and also 'natural' decent shots too... ones that capture a moment of you smiling with friends and so on... I think you should at the very least make the images a little larger too... lose the white border to allow each to be a clearer/larger pic!

Good luck!


Dub, Dublin Ireland
Sep 29, 2013
You mean to say that my photos actually lure these sort of dishonest people to my profile? Hmm...thank you for the insight. I'ma reduce my pics then.

Profile Deleted
Sep 29, 2013
Singlefor2long: You mean to say that my photos actually lure these sort of dishonest people to my profile? Hmm...thank you for the insight. I'ma reduce my pics then.

No, sorry, I'm not meaning they lure these scammer types necessarily...(not sure it will solve anything there I'm afraid - they're everywhere, I get 'em too!)

I'm saying they could deter those of us who ARE genuine and interested, that's all...! ;)


Profile Reviewer
Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie Poland
Sep 30, 2013
Profile is nice, sorry but i dont like your pictures looks like from 80's catalog .wink
Profile Reviewer
London, Inner London, England UK
Nov 28, 2013
Wow! You're the reason I joined this site. How about we take this further?
Profile Reviewer
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Nov 29, 2013
I am glad that you ask for brutal honesty.

Brutal honesty is that you are very pretty but you sound like someone with much arrogant behaviour. You say that you are both beautiful and brainy. I think that using the little less arrogance is much better.
Profile Reviewer
Dublin, Dublin Ireland
Nov 29, 2013
let380: Wow! You're the reason I joined this site. How about we take this further?
laugh laugh
Profile Reviewer
Bonners Ferry, Idaho USA
Nov 29, 2013
No, it isn't you at all. There are just too many people out there that think it is all fun and games on here and every other site. I have the same problem. It is too bad there aren't more honest people out there.
Profile Reviewer
Uxbridge, Buckinghamshire, England UK
Nov 30, 2013
I think you look absolutely stunning! The thing that bothers me is the line where you say you have been single for Too long, is it a consideration that you are coming across as desperate, cos lets face it, you should have no problem in attracting a guy in any club or bar or even walking down the street. They should be falling at your feet.

There are loads of scammers on here, I dont do faceless wonders or guys that ask for your email straight away. Other than that I dont think I would know if someone is scamming or not, not that clever Im afraid. I think your photo could be a bit larger too. You look like a model and very young, so that could be a target for scammers as they think you are naive!

I am not really sure, but you do look lovely nonetheless.
Profile Reviewer
chaguanas Trinidad and Tobago
Dec 1, 2013
ahahahahahahah had to be you to notice that laiughing my a** off
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