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glendora, California USA

please give me your constructtive advice

Tell me folks where can there be improvement?
Oct 7, 2013 7:56 AM CST
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About me and who I'm looking for
About me: I want to start this off by telling you that I am very, very serious in regards to meeting the one and repeat, one and only love of my life. I also feel that behind every successful man there stand a beautiful woman. So without further ado , I think they say ,I will introduce myself you . I am quiet, shy and innocent. The type of guy your mother warned you about. Also have been considered cool, calm and collective. When it comes to kidding around, I only do this when opportunity presents itself and the way I figure, this is only allowed from the hrs of 12:01 AM to 12:PM. So I joke a little girls. Hopefully this isn’t a check mark on your list. LOL Continueing I am the All American guy you have always wanted owning and operating an insurance business for the past 20 yrs. This business keeps me way, waaay too busy though this does help out as far as keeping me out of trouble. Common sense is definitely one of my stronger points, street wise, ( yes ), honest, trusting, sincere, and I probably should let you know that I am if you haven’t noticed (LOL) (I am back to joking ) also a very handsome individual. I know this due to the fact that my mother tells me this often. And get this girls, I really cannot help the handsomeness as we all know that it is in the genes , you know hereditary but the modesty girls is something that does not come naturally and is something that I find more and more each day. lol

I'm looking for: LOL That a joke girls . ( Myself still)Ok time to get serious. I am an all American guy owning the insurance agency. I feel the past relationship has change me for the better or maybe it is just simply taken me to another higher level in maturity but the bottom I really miss friendship, companionship, partnership, unity, united we stand divided we fall, type of stuff I also really, really miss a beautiful women in my arms each night caressing her soft smooth body. The next women in my life will also be the last women in my life hopefully. She will be appreciated, care for, she be safe and secure. I do forwarn you that I am this time buried, overwhelmed, understaffed, under educated on my business situation do my day s and evenings are full but finding the love of my life is also a priority here so you wil fit into my schedule . To sum it up, the perfect world would be finding what I will call my true personal assistant though you would never ever be considered at a lower level than myself. As a matter of fact that pedestal they talk about, you will be on it. I work from home 99% of the time, guess what if your with me, you would have the potential to be there with me and we do have mandatory breaks. We will call these the work out /exercise/ get your blood flowing exercise breaks. I say lets take a stroll down to the beach, have a few coca colas or maybe even go out on a limb and have an Odouls or two. All kiding aside, the beach , ,bowling, , its never a dull moment when your with me. I really would like to do a Magic Mountain venture as we will need to get the blood pumping as the future will bring excitement in another way. Santa Anita can be a joyous event ( no not the mall girls sorry). The horses, the scenery, and then we got the birds right next door. What is it called ?The Botanical Gardens I am found where it gets hot.
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The Broom Master as I will sweep you off your feet
I am a:
58 yr-old man
seeking woman, 39-55
glendora, California, USA
Last Online:
Oct 30
5' 10"  (178 cm)
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Salt & Pepper
Eye Color:
Bachelors Degree
Real Estate / Insurance
Commercial Insurance Broker
$50,000 to $75,000
Marital Status:
Has Kids:
Yes, they don't live with me
Wants Kids:
No Way
Looking for:
Long-term Dating
Sagittarius Sagittarius
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niah9online today!
Auckland, New Zealand
Well...for a very busy business man, you waste an awful lot of time explaining the situation. I would imagine, the lady you seek considering her age, understands the lifestyle you wish to take her no need to explain in great detail. Relationships do not have a route map, and that can be the fun part, learning about each other.
Usually reading a profile text is fine, but yours seemed to edit and spell check I believe would be useful.
You state a beautiful lady, so I hope you realise that stressing on looks, can also add to a person feeling lonely at the top....

More photos would be useful, showing you in a variety of life situation/dress, and the primary you have chosen would be better with a smile.
Oct 7, 2013 9:49 PM CST
Nassau, Bahamas
Gotta agree with Niah about the spell check. Also consider grammar and punctuation! It's a bit of a hard read for an English first language speaker.

When you said "personal assistant", although you probably don't mean this, it did come across as a kind of employer-employee relationship or business partnership in the context of all that you've written. Perhaps rephrase it to exclude those specific words.

And I'm not so sure about the phrase "fit into my schedule" coz it gives the impression that all other items on the schedule might compete with her for your time/attention.

Hope that helps!


Oct 7, 2013 10:21 PM CST
Adelaide, South Australia Australia
What Bachelor's Degree and/or Insurance Office uses 'your' kind of English language and spelling?
Oct 7, 2013 10:57 PM CST
glendora, California USA
Thanks for the advice Mark
Oct 7, 2013 11:46 PM CST
glendora, California USA
thanks for the advice Mark
Oct 7, 2013 11:47 PM CST
Nassau, Bahamas
itlonelyathetop: thanks for the advice Mark

You didn't like the rest of our advice? sigh

Just messing with you! laugh
Oct 8, 2013 12:08 AM CST
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Something is not right. I feel very akward and uncomfortable reading the things you have written. It is like an uncomfortable script that is read incorrectly by the wrong actor. Sorry. But not natural
Oct 9, 2013 2:15 PM CST
glendora, California USA
Feb 1, 2018 12:19 AM CST
glendora, California USA
Feb 1, 2018 12:19 AM CST

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