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Forest Hills, New York, USA

@Zillo Forest Hills ny re ought to be in PICTURES! YES or NO ? ought to be in PICTURES!

you're wonderful to seeheart beating
you ought to be in pictures
oh what a hit you would be!smitten

your voice would thrill a nation
your face would be adoredlove
you'd make a great sensation
with wealth & fame
your reward!wine

and if you should kisskissthe way you kisskiss
when we're all alone
you'd make every girl & man a fan
worshiping at your thrown

you ought to shine as brightly
as Jupiter and Mars
you ought to be in pictures
my star of stars!teddybear
Oct 13, 2013 4:21 PM CST
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by dorothy10827
Created: Oct 2013
Last Viewed: Jun 11
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