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Haidian, China
Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:34 AM CST

No response yet since 2 years using.what resion plz.and i m serously here to get real one.plz conect

What i am not good for any gril of world.if not now,may i wil delete my alot time wasted due to non serouse persons using cs for timepass.i m so sad.waiting some one true meet me.not scamer plz.
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Den Haag, Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Jan 12, 2014
Dear Shinekhan,

I think that your sincerity does come through in your profile. It sounds like you have a good heart and are really looking for love.

I think your profile can be improved by making some changes and hopefully a nice woman will respond then.

In the 'About Me' part, try and write about yourself and the things that you enjoy doing, your hobbies instead of about your country. You sound very proud of your country but that part can come when you speak to ladies.

Perhaps have an English speaking friend help you with writing your profile so that the sentence structure and grammar makes it a bit easier to understand.

Add some more pictures of you doing things that are fun and that you enjoy (and also smiling). Women like to see a smiling man

Don't give up. Your true love will come. Good luck!

Profile Deleted
Jan 13, 2014
Do not try to educate people with your profile. You have a master degree they know you are smart. The other information is good you just have a few grammar errors.

My culture prefers a man to have no hair above their nose. Not saying to change it I'm not sure what your traditions are...

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