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Los Angeles, California USA
Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:41 PM CST

Am I asking for too much?


Please review my profile and tell me what's wrong with it. Be brutally honest.

Thanks in advance.
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Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
Feb 12, 2014
Mixed messages are so confusing, and opening the profile with messages to scammers etc.....not really necessary.

Photo's okay, but very similar, and maybe more variety, meaning where taken, (full length as well as head a shoulders), might help.

You have children, but I gather would like more children, but you have rather rambled, and most isn't positive to be a general guide... it almost becomes a one sided shopping list.

Reread and edit your written text is my advice, and focus on a positive approach which is good, like the text in the boxes...but remember, we never own another person....we should be equals.
Profile Reviewer
Los Angeles, California USA
Feb 13, 2014
Thanks for the suggestion, I did make some changes already.

Profile Deleted
Feb 13, 2014
and about mentioning "sex" ain't necessary I THINK

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