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Delhi India
Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:38 AM CST

Just wondering what yall think

I would be interested in knowing what your feedback about my profile. Positive and Negative reviews are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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babylon, New York USA
Mar 28, 2014
Well your profile sounds very honest and sincere, you have a million talents a million women wish they had. you also embrace your traditional and modern life styles, well done!
Your photos are nice to look at.
The relocate to wherever...hold off on that thought until after you meet the right person, that is too much power to give away so soon...before meeting even..may intimidate others.

other than that....why are you looking at all? you should have a line of eligible guys knocking at your door!

Best of Luck to you!

Profile Deleted
Apr 2, 2014
Awesum profile dear, everything is given I mean all the details: I like ur I am luking for,,,,,, so dont u worry everything fine....Best of luckheart wings heart wings heart wings angel
Profile Reviewer
Apr 3, 2014
there is no need to change but specify wht ru lookinf a frnd or husband
Profile Reviewer
unknown, Utrecht Netherlands
Apr 3, 2014
your profile is all right well said what you want to say. But I think if you make your purple and black dress photo as profile photo will be much better than the black and white photo. you look gorgeous to be honest. I wish you good luck but watch out for scammers.

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