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linz, Upper Austria Austria
Thu Jun 5, 2014 8:22 PM CST

hello i´m new here

i´m new here and wants to find some friends by Chat around the world. this will be my first step. finding friends not alone in my countrylaugh
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Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
Jun 6, 2014
My advice is to give the wording some more thought, especially when you say you want to meet ladies around the world for friends, because friends and Hang out, could be classed as in your location, whereas pen-pal/email etc, would be world wide web.
So I think you are sending mixed messages which will confuse some ladies.
You at random put capital letters mid-sentence, instead of at the start which confuses also, but a spell check will sort most of that out until your English improves, which you are right, it will.
A primary photo with two faces is not good, so move that to secondary, and post a new facial photo of just you, with a smile, without background and a smile as you look into the camera lens.
I am sure you will find many lady friends around the world, who will happily help you improve your language skills....

Villena, Valenciana Spain
Aug 12, 2016
Hi Mike, the most important thing is to have a recent profile picture of yourself.
Your written profile is not bad at all, and I wouldn't worry about using the word hangout - Google [Google Hangouts] agrees with you that hanging out online is more than a little possible! You can be more specific in your narrative about what you are looking for.
I'm learning Spanish, so I understand that you are using a translator to help you write in English but as Niah says above, try not to use capital letters in the wrong place but remember to use them for proper nouns, including your own personal pronoun, I! To be honest, the standard of English from "native English speakers" is shockingly poor anyway, so don't worry too much. You're far more likely to have difficulty translating English into your own language because so many people don't know the difference between similar sounding words in English: there, they're, their, your, you're, to, too, two... the list could go on and on! These people will say that grammar doesn't matter but it does if you're using a translator and someone has confused a possession with a location!
Good luck, and remember, the most important thing is a good, recent photo of yourself.

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