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Bray, Wicklow Ireland

Am I Hot Or Not?

I was just wondering could you tell me why people keep messing around with me?
Jun 14, 2014 5:00 PM CST
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Venice, Veneto Italy
Do you wish to be seen as hot ?
If people mess you about it's only because you allow them to.
Get to learn the signs , when someone displays them just flick off and move on. If they start messing get outta there . Then it's not happening.
When I read your profile , I had to take a second look at your age , because you write and describe yourself in a quite immature way ...ie listing a favorite tv show, the football thing etc. seems kind of teenager thing to do. This might be why you are having difficulty finding men to take you seriously.
I would rethink that approach.
It's how you present yourself that is important in attracting who you want.
Hope this helps dear.
Jun 15, 2014 12:55 AM CST
Delray Beach, Florida USA
Sorry, but if you were to be judged by your photo ratings.....evidently "not"....scold
Jun 15, 2014 10:12 AM CST
OneDirectoronline today!
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Be less sweet.
Thats you're problem.

And Hot?
Sorry, but i think you're Not!
Jun 15, 2014 4:29 PM CST
peace peace peace
Jun 19, 2014 3:36 AM CST
lakewood, Colorado USA
Well, I'd say it depends on what you have inside of you. Just a thought. (:

Looks fade, this I know.
Jun 19, 2014 5:55 AM CST
Stockholm, Sweden
Year your so hot right now, going to be now problem i thinkheart beating
Jun 19, 2014 7:56 AM CST

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Created: Jun 14, 2014
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