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Bray, Wicklow Ireland
Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:00 PM CST

Am I Hot Or Not?

I was just wondering could you tell me why people keep messing around with me?
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Profile Deleted
Jun 15, 2014
Do you wish to be seen as hot ?
If people mess you about it's only because you allow them to.
Get to learn the signs , when someone displays them just flick off and move on. If they start messing get outta there . Then it's not happening.
When I read your profile , I had to take a second look at your age , because you write and describe yourself in a quite immature way ...ie listing a favorite tv show, the football thing etc. seems kind of teenager thing to do. This might be why you are having difficulty finding men to take you seriously.
I would rethink that approach.
It's how you present yourself that is important in attracting who you want.
Hope this helps dear.

Delray Beach, Florida USA
Jun 15, 2014
Sorry, but if you were to be judged by your photo ratings.....evidently "not"....scold
Profile Reviewer
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Jun 15, 2014
Be less sweet.
Thats you're problem.

And Hot?
Sorry, but i think you're Not!
Profile Reviewer
Mumbai India
Jun 19, 2014
peace peace peace

Profile Deleted
Jun 19, 2014
Well, I'd say it depends on what you have inside of you. Just a thought. (:

Looks fade, this I know.
Profile Reviewer
Stockholm, Stockholm Sweden
Jun 19, 2014
Year your so hot right now, going to be now problem i thinkheart beating
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