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Kingston, Kingston Jamaica
Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:36 AM CST


I have been on the site for a while now and I have not been successful at finding a partner.. Am I doing something wrong?
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Bratislava, Bratislava Slovakia
Apr 18, 2015
You are still young, you are more likely to find him by going to places where young people go to meet potential partners
Profile Reviewer
Trelawny, Montego Bay Jamaica
Apr 18, 2015
Greenlake19: You are still young, you are more likely to find him by going to places where young people go to meet potential partners

In total agreement. I believe this site is for serious, mature audience.
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glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland UK
Apr 18, 2015
Dear koya94,

You might want to say "I'm looking for someone to make me feel special" instead of "I need someone to make me feel special"... "Need" kind of associated with needy people.

Spotted typos:
"love going it" => " love going out"
"treats mi like a queen" => "treats me like a queen"

Otherwise you've got a good profile ad if not for the distance I'd ask you out myself comfort
Profile Reviewer
Paris, Ile-de-France France
Sep 21, 2017
U look so sweet and pretty, how we meet, let get acquainted, I cares , am single, live in paris
Profile Reviewer
Black River, Montego Bay Jamaica
Oct 28, 2017
Here There,

Put Up Some pictures with u Smiling in Them, it will make u Look More Welcoming....,banana

Nicosia, Nicosia Cyprus
Dec 25, 2017
You are stunning beautiful, but we want to see your smile!!

applause cheering applause cheering bouquet
Profile Reviewer
Sharjah United Arab Emirates
Feb 4, 2018
The main pic should be changed. The lighting is not good. Also upload a pic of you smiling in at least one. Lose the pic of you in white. The search for a guy can be frustrating but don't give up he is out there. In the meantime go out there to events, places with friends etc don't rely only on online sites to find someone. I wish you the best!

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