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Marlborough, Marlborough New Zealand
Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:36 PM CST

Time for some feed back...

Time for some feed back...
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Profile Deleted
Jan 25, 2016
Hi. I'm Peggy. Honestly, I think your profile is great. I think you have good photos. You've included some nice points in your narrative description. Don't change a thing. Be patient. I would think you would have a bunch of responses. I would have responded if you lived in the United States.
Profile Reviewer
Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
Jan 25, 2016
With Friends and Hang out, many will believe you seek someone locally though that will be restrictive.
Overall a good profile that could do with some fine tweaking, though you might think I am being picky. Your sentences jump from capitals to small caption, instead of capitals at the start of a sentence, rather than at random.
A spell-check will highlight this as well as any spelling mistake.
Photos are a useful tool, as we know they speak a thousand words and can help a lady consider if you share something in common. Sending flowers and messages to ladies in suitable areas within easy air distance is also an option, though you could widen your search to North Island and Australia.
Profile Reviewer
Kensington, Johannesburg South Africa
Jan 27, 2016
I don't understand how one can be seperated why not get out first before you get into another relationship. Just my view.
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