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kokstad South Africa
Thu Sep 7, 2017 12:50 PM CST

are my pix ok?

If so please someone like my profile please
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Profile Reviewer
Ensay, Victoria Australia
Sep 16, 2017
very good but dunno about the lipstick colour

hathorne, Massachusetts USA
Sep 19, 2017
Your photos are STUNNING!!!!!!!!
WOWwow wow heart beating
Profile Reviewer
kokstad, Durban South Africa
Sep 25, 2017
What's wrong with my lipstick colour?

Winfield, West Virginia USA
Sep 27, 2017
I looked at your pictures and they are great.
Profile Reviewer
Antwerp, Antwerpen Belgium
Sep 28, 2017
Unknown: If so please someone like my profile please

I wouldn't use those pictures.invest more time
Profile Reviewer
Perth, Western Australia Australia
Oct 9, 2017
Your pictures are too small
Profile Reviewer
Perth, Western Australia Australia
Oct 9, 2017
About the lipstick..too pink for your skin colour.
In fact you don't need to use it.
Plus they are full of chemicals that get into your bloodstream and cause a cancer sooner or later.

Varna, Varna Bulgaria
Oct 12, 2017
You look great just being your self! Xxxx

Nicosia, Nicosia Cyprus
Dec 25, 2017
Please add a pic with a sweet smile ;)
Profile Reviewer
Sharjah United Arab Emirates
Feb 4, 2018
Post pics with better lighting and outside preferably in a park, restaurant whatever just not in the store. The pic of you in all black is not of good quality lose it. Also like someone said, your lipstick color is way too light. Best of luck you're young you have plenty of time to meet someone :)

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