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Agentbobonline today!
Fowler, California, USA

Part 2..

This appears to be a clean site. I am using this space because- for whatever reason- my blog Time is in limbo for another oo4 days.
Now then:)) ball point radio. We coined the term, we are fully aware the reader does not recognize the device & therefore needs daily, pin point tutorials for the effect to become ADDictive.
...sample one // eno le maps
( that was an anagram )
200 hot short stories ) from digital dreamer
O94. Death in the woods / Anderson
- 47. Lightning-rod man / Melville
. 47. more of the same / ibid.
.....41. Dry Sept. / Faulkner
....- o6. The dead / joyce
.. 35. Was it heaven ? Or hell? / twain
( the topic: CA fires )

90. The L A S T* word / greene
- 63. The Griffin & minor Canon/ stkton
27. The Aleph/ borges
..* Limtd. Attn----Span Theater.
Dec 4, 2018 8:41 AM CST
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About me and who I'm looking for
About me: Edumacated like a New Jersey blacksmith
And able to leap the Chrysler building in a. Ford Pinto...or the mercury bobcat.

As a writer, this 7 day quarantine on the blog page is driving me to drink. Can't even interject a comment !
...the whole thrust of my 'not'blog' is to feed the poor with a whimsical, Fan tiferous,
Conclusion to my 8 parts of speech..
Lecture...that was interrupted by the folding of MD ( aka the burn ward.
And now I just learned...if my narratives
"are incomplete or gibberish" said story and account will be deleted. Strange..
The whole internet Google payload is 88.9% gibbering as defined in a single word...
..B A B E L. (2) gate of the mighty
...a confusion & mixing of languages.

I'm looking for: EYe don't have an ideal match..
But you can use your astro-wit to persuade me otherwise.


Back from the burn ward !
I am a:
64 yr-old man
seeking woman, 38-99
Fowler, California, USA
Last Online:
2 hrs ago
6' 1"  (185 cm)
Body Type:
Toned & Firm
Hair Color:
Dark Blonde
Eye Color:
Re; sign... should read, virgonot.
Associate Degree
S. River pre-school, S. River grade 1, day one [ school has 3 alarm fire Marrero LA, Big D [ Catholic school & mass hypnosis Houston, grades 5,6,7 { best public school system eYe ever saw ) ) 68-70
1234. open [ the door ........3087. Yah is right 4321. who is like Yah ? } from Strong's Hebrew Dictionary
Entrepreneurial / Start-up
I am the Dee Jay of x mas Future. And also known as gun control baby From a now defunct site.
Marital Status:
Never Married
Has Kids:
Wants Kids:
Probably Not
Looking for:
Friends/Hang Out
Virgo Virgo
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Agentbobonline today!
Fowler, California USA
Here be a deluxe tour of all things political ( from nimrod till now...
As seen through Strong's alpha- numeric dictionary...[ publ. 1890

7 8 6 1. Shitray.} politics
- 7001. ( 2 ) a riddle ; a knot
O 8 6 0. Donkey [ fem.

..eYe shit ye not..) the symbol of the largest & most vocal pol. Party.
Dec 4, 2018 8:58 AM CST

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Created: Dec 2018
Last Viewed: Oct 5
Last Commented: Dec 2018
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