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auckland, Auckland New Zealand
Mon Jul 9, 2012 11:31 AM CST

love u all

i love to chat and i love make relations as-well but no body interested in me. i dont know why is it because of my fatty body shape
expecting your suggestions frustrated
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dayton, Ohio USA
Jul 9, 2012
you got a little mass to your body but i woulndt describe you as fat..i would expand a little in your profile to tell a wee bit more about you.hobbys ,what you do in your down time when not working,things your interested in and such.mabe theres a girl out there that has the same interests as you and she would never know funny put something in your profile that will make them smile..are you sending messages? and if you are what are you saying to make them interested? sayin to a girl "hi how are you" or "hi your beautiful" thats not really going to work on most..better bring your A game if your contacting. be engaging and funny, try to avoid sounding needy girls find that super takes time and alot of effort but well worth it in the end.. hope ive been some kind of help

happy hunting
Profile Reviewer
auckland, Auckland New Zealand
Jul 9, 2012
thank u dear thanks a lot

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