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waad_hadid Profile Review

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mosul, Iraq

What is the most interesting thing in my profile?

Hi dear viewers for coming through my profile,hoping to know your point of view about all [e cards,blogs,forums,my own photo and polls]
I would be so grateful to you and wish you a great day,,
Sep 9, 2012 9:51 AM CST
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Hi i seem to be so glad with the light smile on face but the truth doesnt seem like that thanksHi,,i seem to be so glad with the light smile on face but the truth doesn't seem like that,,thanks
  • Hi i seem to be so glad with the light smile on face but the truth doesnt seem like that thanks
  • I have declared in many occasions about my ultimate desire in nature since i was still young i remain on love to all kinds o
  • Bees are the most technical creatives among all other beings an ultimate creation
  • One of the nature achievements you may notice the harmonic language between colors
  • Here is one the fascinating formation involving always the title The magical nature
  • I like the leaves of raisin and those lovely water drops which install on
  • Members are extremely nice people that they voluntary accepted viewed my flowers
  • What a miracle a mysterious language between an insect and a flower
About me and who I'm looking for
About me: As always,I'm clear,open_minded ,faithful and easy going.I ever don't like being in the shadow,that might mean ,i would like always being positive,and an open book that other peoples could easily read.

I'm looking for: Honestly and faithfully,i would like to be treated by other peoples,otherwise,my efforts to establish a great friendship might gone with the wind


Give your real sensations to those who definitely deserve,and try to have enough patient
I am a:
72 yr-old man
seeking woman, 37-50
mosul, Iraq, Middle East
Last Online:
Mar 2019
5' 6"  (168 cm)
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Middle Eastern
Some College
recently,i have no any jop ,i'm retired,i feel i have no any desire to work
Marital Status:
In a Relationship
Has Kids:
Yes, they live with me sometimes
Wants Kids:
No, but love my grand kids
Looking for:
Cancer Cancer
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Profile Reviews & Comments for waad_hadid
Auckland, New Zealand
Forgive me, but I find it strange you have such a high hit rate, yet have no favourites.
Could it be that your profile tells little about you the person.
Beautiful nature photos are worthy of a look, but this is a dating site, not a nature site, and the text does not say anything about YOU.
I would add more photo's of you, expand the text, and communicate, so the favourite number grow....Niah
Sep 11, 2012 6:41 PM CST
Hi dear,,
I would like to thank you ,,,I'm almost feeling a great joy that someone like you message me after having seeing my profile,,you are so great woman and i wish i could be able to present you something of a great value ,,but as the English language is not my native one,,then i seem to be so much worried and in a real embarrassment to explain and express my feelings
Forgive my intrusion thus i don't like to annoy any more
My best wishes Mme,enjoy your time please
Sep 13, 2012 4:09 AM CST
Auckland, New Zealand
I just see the ..'.in a relationship'....that is the reason I imagine you are not getting any response.....
Sep 13, 2012 5:20 AM CST

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Created: Sep 2012
Last Viewed: Jun 10
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