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lisaofflorida64 Profile Review

Profile Reviews » lisaofflorida64 Profile Review
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lisaofflorida64online today!
Tampa bay, Florida, USA

How to improve?

Any words of wisdom are welcomed. What does my profile need?
Oct 3, 2012 9:58 AM CST
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Just taken may 17th 2020online today!Just taken may 17th 2020
  • Just taken may 17th 2020
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  • lisaofflorida64
  • lisaofflorida64
About me and who I'm looking for
About me: I'm a divorced mom with one child still home. He is grown. I'm honest and don't play head games.I have a mixed breed small dog.I like animals a great deal. I like the simple things in life. i don't like rap, acid or hard rock or blue grass. You can just ask what you would like to know from here.I am no good at writing these profiles. I hope to hear from some of you. Even if it is to just chat a while or friendly e-mail but only on this site. I will not give out any private info such as my personal e mail or phone number. I won't do hang outs or any other such. If we can't chat enough on here to know each enough then we are not a match in any way. If at a time I feel we know each other and I feel confident we could be real friends or whatever, then and only then will we progress away from this site. I protect myself and if you ask for my e mail or phone, if you ask me to do hang outs or whatever, i will block you. So , if you have the compasidy to understand that , then I look forward to hearing from you. If you are not 50 or over, don't waste your time, if you message me I'll just ignore and block. If your going to try and work a scam on me, go a head, make my day .

Update...I thought i would add a little poem i wrote....

What inspires me April 2012

What inspires me today?
Watching my child kneel and pray.
The warmth of a sunny day.
The critters that come out to play.
Friends that stop by to sit a spell.
The smiles they bring.
The stories they tell.

decided to add another little poem i wrote. Keep in mind that they are just for fun, some thing to do

[On Florida ] Golden arrows of sunlight pulse through the arms of the old mighty oak .The intense rays soothes my body and soul. I recline and inhale the suns glory.
Winged creatures flutter by over head while furry tailed chatterers scamper below. Fresh February air breezes over me . I let go and surrender to the trance. How magnificent to bask in this serene day. Lisa Hegler

I'm looking for: Looking for a truly nice guy. Honesty and good natured are important
Someone with patients and understanding. Must respect my feelings. I will respect yours. A since of humor is important in life. I'm done being a mommy so I'm looking for someone that doesn't need a care taker. If you just want a friend to e mail with that's ok with me.
So, just say hi.


Under 50 need not apply
I am a:
56 yr-old woman
seeking man, 55-67
Tampa bay, Florida, USA
Last Online:
11 hrs ago
5' 2"  (157 cm)
Body Type:
Hair Color:
Medium Brown
Eye Color:
High School
Less than $25,000
Marital Status:
Has Kids:
Yes, they live with me
Wants Kids:
No, but welcome yours
Looking for:
Long-term Dating
Leo Leo
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Profile Reviews & Comments for lisaofflorida64
greymouth, West Coast New Zealand
well you will have to lower your aim or you and the cat will be together for ever ......

I've wasted 19 years looking for someone real , who wants me for as myself , .....but 19 years latter and I'm still a single virgo teddybear teddybear
Oct 3, 2012 1:11 PM CST
Melbourne, Victoria Australia
I disagree with that. Don't lower your expectations - raise your value.

Lisa, I noticed on your main picture you wrote that you took the picture yourself and it was the best you could do. Seriously so many people do this and wonder why things don't go well. Your photo will always be the first thing anyone sees, so make it the best picture you can take. If you can get a professional photo, it makes a big difference. If not, get a friend to shoot some snaps for you. Have fun with it, and take a bunch, especially if you have a digital camera handy, as no film equals no cost. Then go through and pick 4 or 5 of your favourites. Then you can switch them around till you get them all rated on here to see which ones people like best.

Also just wanted to point out - "Someone with patients..." So you're looking for someone in a medical profession? Or did you mean patience grin
Oct 4, 2012 7:23 AM CST
., California USA
just based on the pictures, i think it would be more attractive if you smiled, and took a picture outside in front of some pretty flowers or something.. make it more cheery and happy.
Oct 6, 2012 1:47 AM CST
baltimore, Maryland USA
Yes, you love animals!! Are you avertising a ZOO, or youself!
Dec 24, 2012 5:47 AM CST
It's a dog . Lmao. Lower my aim? I don't think so. I'm sorry your alone. I love being alone . I do this for fun and to pass the time. head banger
Jul 27, 2020 7:26 PM CST
Oh no, the grammar police!!! tongue
Jul 27, 2020 7:29 PM CST
That's what I look like. I'm not entering some beauty contest. If you don't like my looks then good. I'm nothing if I'm not honest.
Jul 27, 2020 7:31 PM CST
Dorkrolling on the floor laughing
Jul 27, 2020 7:32 PM CST

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