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RE: Sometimes I feel like it was a mistake to sign up for this site.

I read your comment and warning about scammer. I have met few guys cheat on profile and report to the administrator and block it. I think these ppl just want to have comfortable life that can make their life easy to earn money. This issues happen all time on any date online. I am cautious of guys with fake photo and not the person should be on his profile. I met an army military guy who say he was a widow and a daughter age 17yrs old. He said he wanted to find an asian wife and the daughter still studying in london. I met him online only one day, he quickly ask for whatsapp and number to get in touch. I was thinking what is he trying to trick me. I said you could write message to my mail box provided by this site. I ask he wants to write email? He said he don't used to write email much and not online much. Well, i say no i can't give him and location network coverage is under maintenance. He seem unhappy then never wrote back. He sound not sincere person. I am afraid he may not be the person in the photo. I report and block him. I still can him on this site. I know there are ppl who are really looking for their soulmate on here. Don't give up but be cautious who you met on this site. I catch few guys write poor english. Maybe is grammar or short form i think. I write short form too but not poor english. Good day ! peace

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RE: Help me??

Hello. Hope you are well.
I would change quite a bit. May be a bit more assertive, ambitious. Get more educated, learn more languages.
I would keep my optimism, positive attitude , good nature, good manners, laziness, sporty, treating all equal, minimalistic, contented, happy go lucky.
With this corona one realises that one can contribute more to the society. So be in a situation to help and contribute more. When one does something extra ordinary them if feels like this life is worth living. At the moment it is just like run of the mill. Ordinary, and not important.

Would like to hear your take on this.
Enjoy. Keep safe. ????

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RE: is my profile perfect?

Yes your profile is fine .you look so young not even 20 yrs old best of luck .

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RE: is my profile perfect?

Yes your profile is well ok.
Sounds real. ??peace

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RE: What do you think of my profile?

, around your age...., values : honesty, maturity combined with some psychology, hmmm? ! , interesting, I'm smiling. .

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RE: Make an investment join me

I am a transgender woman, but in regards to your question about which photo is best for your profile I have to say that it would be the one wear you are wearing a read bikini because your face is more clear to see and people are really going to notice you better. Your other pictures are great but some are to far away, another is to cloudy, and another one has your head copped off.

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RE: What do you think of my profile?

Super Classy, probably intimidating for most guys..

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RE: What do you think of my profile?

Your looks Great Beautiful Woman wish you the Best

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RE: Bee Gees,Wedding day, Josh Groban,You Raised Me up, Charles Ray Horner,Back in 65

Your photo in the black blazer jacket is your best main photo.
I would loose the pics of the guy and the cat.
The narratives are way too long & rambling. Too much info may scare or intimidate guys. Rework, stick to the majors! Would-be suitors want just the basics fast!
Good luck & blessings,

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RE: singlemary17 at google mail dot com

I agree she is a scammer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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RE: i want to find my king

hello queen :) couldn't you find the king yet that you are waiting ?

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RE: What do you think of my profile?

I'm here just to say keep it up, your look is so gorgeous :))


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RE: Just me

A stor een, my little treasure, tis just as well I have the bit of as gailge, truth be told most people try too hard, often people find happiness when there not really looking, I wish you well in your endeavours.

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RE: What do you think of my profile?

I just think
You live too far away lol......
Hot as
Don't change a thing girl. head banger head banger head banger
Love who you are
It's so worth it teddybear teddybear

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RE: Single mom advice

Just sayin.
If I was a rugby kinda bloke...
I'd steer away or maybe not.....
Cause you could be just another score.....
Thank goodness I hate rugby....
I represented my country at badminton a while ago.
All the rugby blokes did was make fun of me...
Yet 99 percent of them have never been that good at what they play confused
I just thought they had a small d*ck rolling on the floor laughing
I was number 1 for 5 years
An I know how things work rolling on the floor laughing head banger head banger
There's nothing wrong wiv ya profile.
If they say there is
Tell em to bugger off teddybear teddybear

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RE: Pictures

Nice photos and you are clear what you are looking for.

Best of luck. wine

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RE: Pictures

U must feel insecure to ask other for comments on your pics in here
Pity cuz U look good

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RE: What do you think of my profile?

send me ur wats i need u mine is 00256782945784

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RE: Seeking men that don't drink or smoke

hey baby send me ur wats am on 00256782945784

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RE: the perfect woman

hey baby how are you doing , send me ur whatsapp number so that we can chat wiz u

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RE: singlemary17 at google mail dot com

The profile picture is at least 7 years old.
I carried out a search for it using (a search engine specialized in finding pictures)
This profile does not look genuine to me.

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RE: Pictures

Nice pictures your a beautiful lady.

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RE: New acquaintances are new interests and new experiences.

Respectful Honorable Sophisticated
Graceful Gorgeous Kind Caring Decent
Mannered Sweet Loving Dearest Natalia.
Hope you're doing good. I read your profile and my review is, You're True Loyal Honest and Sincere Person.
I like to take care of you give you love and respect.
Bring happiness and contention for your Highness.
Hope to hear from you.
Stay Happy Healthy and Blessed.
Love Care and Respect.
peace angel bouquet

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RE: Well I am relatively new here

I was wondering if the ladies are kind enough to review my profile and tell me what they would like to see improved :) I am here to meet people and make new friends.

The only thing I would change on your profile is for you to live close to me


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RE: well ??

You seem to be very vulnerable. Excellent target for Nigerian or ladies of adjacent pacific island.
Keep the tight guard on your wallet.

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RE: Newbie who is still lost to go about in this site

Being positive has its limitation and ends up negative results instead.
It is lot more desirable to be realistic to sail the remainder of life smoothly.
More than often positive encouragement is nothing more than garbage.

First of all, use mathematics to calculate the probability of matching companion at late stage of life after separation for any reason regardless of anyone's status. The number of available partners is significantly less than twenty's.

Then think about the constraints for every possible matching partners would have at that stage of life.
Financial problem. kids from previous marriage, health, etc.
And all these obstacles could be overcome, then the appearance would be attractive to partners.

So the statistical probability will be less than one hundred thousandth of the twenty's.
It is very normal for being hard to find a partner at late age.
To me I come out as zero.

That is the reality. And I am fine with that.
I manage my life accordingly and enjoy at best.
The loneliness is modern luxury and take advantage of it.
The wise is never less lonely than he is alone.

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RE: just one moment...!

No one inside Iran has the right to protest because he is arrested or killed.

Iran was more free and modern society under Pahlavi until hostage crisis. It went backward as theocracy.
But it was your peoples' desire and wish. Foreign intervention on domestic issue results in always adverse consequence and never resolve the problem. Removing brutal dictator Saddam Hussein of Iraq by US created havoc tantamount to megaton meteorite fall on the earth instead of bring democracy and human right for which Iraqis were yearning at that time. I can explain why in detail but it will take a month to finish. It is very complicated subject.

In a word, it has to be done and solved by Iranian. And the critical matter is the rate of change whatever the direction it is heading for. Always drastic social change results in serious conflict between each class and bloody effect. It takes long time and effort. For draconian theocratic Iran to change to modern humane society, it may take two hundred years unless very bloody revolution brings drastic reform.

You will not live that long to see the light, will you?
The best option for a single person to achieve freedom and justice is to escape. Or you are passionate for justice and freedom for your beloved country, then put your neck out and dare to challenge for your noble cause.
It is your choice. We have only one life to live.

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RE: just one moment...!

Hey Hila, interesting comments about the plane that was shot down and the way you view your country..
I see your country as one of the countries that is standing up for the rights of the Palestinians, the Palestinian people are prisoners in a country that was taken from them and have been losing more and more of it as time goes by.. It sounds like you have a pretty oppressive govt in your country, i don't agree with everything the govt of my country does but i'm my boss.. and i do what makes me happy, i don't worry to much about laws..

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