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Welcome to the Profile Reviews section. This is a list of members who have requested others to review their profile. Have you ever wondered what people think of your profile? Now is your chance to find out. Submit your profile to be reviewed by members, read reviews of other member's profiles, post comments on reviews. Click here for a list of profile reviews with no responses yet. Click here to get your profile reviewed.

Just me

How is my profile, good/bad?

What am i doing wrong

What am i doing wrong?

Too many?

To smile or not to smile

To smile or not to smile?

I've recently reviewed my photos to give a more balanced view of myself and hopefully inspire confidence in a potential partner to contact me. The pic

Im real but do you think Im real

I'm real, but do you think I'm real?

Do my pictures make you want to read my profile? Or is it immediately delete? And why? I'm candid in my description of myself and what I want. Do y


What is missing in my profile to attract men of my preferred age? Am I too forward, or arrogant or my requirements/search too demanding?

Whats wrong with this world and the dating scene

What's wrong with this world and the dating scene

Why is it that dating has gotten so hard too connect with someone? Can someone explain why there is so many robots that's destroying the dating scene

Suggestions Welcome

Suggestions Welcome!

I realize my photos could use some help, I’m working on it. But other than that… Your thoughts, critique? lay it on me, I can handle the truth. Thanks

what do u think of my profile

what do u think of my profile?

hello guys,hey just tell me..about my profile?

Just me

Just me

Hi am dennis from Kingston jamaica am single never bin married I live alone am 34 am seeking a long term relationship am simple love music love footba

improve my profile

improve my profile

i would like some genuine feedback on how to improve my profile. I have done a lot of things in my life, but find it difficult to put on a page, inste

Hi im new here

Hi im new here...

I' m new to the whole dating malarkey... lemme know what u think

What about my photos

Hello yall, im new here and just in curious to know about my pics, comments from matures woman welcome!! :)





I would like to know if i come on to strong. I would also like to know if indeed.some men are intimidated by attractive women, or sucssessful. Indepen

What do you think of my pics

What do you think of my pics

which are my best features

What do you think

What do you think?

Is my profile o.k.

been love is enough

been love is enough

is it a crime for my cousin to like a woman on here through my account?

Is my profile lacking something

Is my profile lacking something?

Would love to know how my photos rate and what changes I could make to make my profile for interesting? Please let me know, I will welcome all critiqu



I know my photo is not the best, but Im shy to ask someone to take up to date ones for me. My question is what are guys lookinf for? I wouls consider



to much to ask

to much to ask?

nice smile pretty eyes honest truthful no cheating at all !!! to love and be love is this to much to ask??????????

How is my photo

How is my photo

Do i look beautiful

Country Life

Country Life

Hope you like what you see. You can tell me. after all I am from Tennessee. lol

whats wrong with my profile

what's wrong with my profile?

can you guys please take the time out to view my page and tell me what's wrong with it. am I ugly? I've been on here just over a year now and I'm abou

ok I admit it I LOVE SEX

ok, I admit it..I LOVE SEX

;) :heartbeati

what do you think of my profile

what do you think of my profile

what do think of my pictures

Feed back

Feed back

Do I rate as truthful? Why do I keep receiving likes from people not even in the same country? Why am I being shown members clearly too young for me?

What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?

Any and all advice, suggestions, or constructive feedback welcome. It's always good to get an objective opinion. Thank you!

Let me know what you think about my profile

Let me know what you think about my profile

Do I sound like an a**hole

Why man don't like me please help me fine my soulmate

What u guys thinks of my pictures is it good why u not like me is I'm not wedding material

Looking for a soul partner

what is the best way to find a genuine partner?thanks

Ross 76

Which photo is best for my primary photo? & how to change my birthdate & years it's wrong????

How do you like my description of myself

How do you like my description of myself.

Anyone there to look at my profile and tell me how you honesty feel. Brad



Help! I' want to place my picture because I" am a victim and a witness. So," I can trade pictures Postal mail. What's wrong with building a farm?:frus

check this out

check this out

what should i change?

What do you think

What do.... you think?

I would love to know what people think about my photo's, and my profile?

Most men read what they want to and just oversee the most important sentences

Most men read what they want to and just oversee the most important sentences

Most men read what they want to and just oversee the most important sentences. Some need to read 4 times and still do not get it. I see myself as in

Wanting advice

Wanting advice

Wanting to know what other members on here think of my profile so i can possibly change it once I receive a few reviews

Girl in pieces

Girl in pieces

Hi khalan here I'm a 18 year old white female and looking for something serious I want someone to be a friend as well as a partner so contact me if wa

4 16 2021


It's really painful when we like someone on ConnectingSingles and our message can't be sent, because we don't fit that person's email settings.

for your evaluation

please let me know you opinion

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