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AM I FAT ?some guy just said i was a big fat cow ?? does anyone else think that ??...

RoeDeVinna28,644709Oct 2009Aug 2012
aScottishGuy8211,444166Oct 2013Jun 2017

Not many commentS? do i really look that bad? lolzhey guys!!! was wondering how you would rate my profile pic or profile. barely get much response keep wondering what works be...

FjBabe9,885163Jun 2014Feb 2016

hiwhat pic is best for m pofile...

cuteeyes7,026141Jun 2012Jul 2013
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile?What would you say about it? It would be interesting to hear from you, so you are welcome to drop a few words or a couple of lines. :-)...

adgloriam6,098139Feb 2013Jan 2014
Uploaded new pics Hot or Not

Uploaded new pic's...........Hot or Not ?Don't be shy ! Say what you see!...

rockrabbit5,110113May 2012Aug 2014
Hmmm I just tweaked my profile

Hmmm.. I just tweaked my profile...Can you have a look.. do I sound like nut job? Shaaadup Ship!...

Claayer5,956110May 2008Nov 2012
nvosiris4,82994Apr 2010Oct 2010
laurak6,26088Apr 2012Nov 7
What do U think of my profile Some feedback please Tnx

What do U think of my profile? Some feedback please! TnxHi there singletons, I'm not really getting all that many visits, just wondered what people think of what I'm saying, potentially offering, photos etc...

Mike_19_763,39687Aug 2013Oct 2013
Nobody contacts me

Nobody contacts me!I hope I have given enough information and nobody contacts me I'm on this site for almost 6 months and I hardly get any emails. Not sure what's wron...

Sanshank26,88776Jul 2012Feb 2016
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile :-)Please only objective opinions. Thank you....

lauryna4,16672Jul 2013Jun 16
Maybe i will never meet my life partner

Maybe i will never meet my life partnerMaybe i will never meet my life partner...

VirginLady4,92363Jan 2012Aug 2015
Am I to old for younger wemon

Am I to old for younger wemonIt seem that younger wemon like me even on line . What you all think should I go for it or find someone my age?...

971jo3,00961Aug 2010Aug 2014

BoredWhy do only old men check me out?? I'm only 23 , like seriously.....!!!...

Snezz3,30960Aug 2011Dec 2012
No response to my profile poor photo scores

No response to my profile & poor photo scores...I get no intelligent response or attention from the men of my age group. Plenty of sleazy IM's and mails, but that's about it... My photo ratings are...

eurolady3,42956Jun 2009Jun 2013
Bad photo

Bad photo?Ok, I know Im not Mr. Universe or anything, but I seem to be getting low ratings on my photo. I know ratings are hardl...

Silverlining22,52856Jan 2012May 2012
I am 49 but inside i still feel 19

I am 49 !!! but inside i still feel 19 !!!I am a mature woman in body but not in mind !!!!! that is to say i am young at heart But i do not want a toy boy and men near my age think i am...

nvosiris2,79449Jun 2009Mar 2010
what do ye think

what do ye think?????????????????????just would like to no what ye think of my profile,its short but i think to the point,but if i need to change it feel free to tell me what i need to do...

smilingalways2,63148Mar 2010Jan 2013
To be fair

To be fairI visit and do profile reviews once in a while. Give comments on somebody's profile. So, just to be fair I'll open my profile. It's not great but its...

shay281,94848Feb 2012Mar 2012
mother of god is it my preofile or are the genuine guys a mere dream

mother of god... is it my preofile or are the genuine guys a mere dreamwhats the story with attracting genuine guy, why get so many one nite stand offers, or replies frm relationship cheats looking for a friend, is my pro...

busababe813,07648Feb 2014Sep 2014
So please tell me

So please tell meWhat you thought of my profile... Now i have asked for it...

sara19653,57045Nov 2013Apr 2015
What should I change to get more interest from men

What should I change to get more interest from men?What should I change to get more interest from men? I hardly receive any messages from men and not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe my photos are bor...

sumptuous3,68544Mar 2014Feb 2016
need profile advice

need profile advice!Hi I'm new here-new to dating sites in general! Wonder if you super friendly people will give me some imput on my pro and help me make it better so I...

AnnaSikanda3,68844Apr 2009Jun 2016
Why cant I find a nice older man

Why can`t I find a nice older man?I get a lot of profile reviews from older guys, but no contact other than a flower or one liner saying "You look great". I write back "thanks" and ne...

smoky2,90243Jun 2009Feb 2016
is this

is this ...the best profile ever ! if you grade my photo with a 10 score...i'll send you an xmas card...

peskster111,64543Jan 2011Jun 2011
Why everyone think i am far away on another planet if it comes to marriage

Why everyone think i am far away on another planet if it comes to marriage?Can anyone give me true and genuine answer, Why i am not able to find out genuine foreigner guy? is there anything bad if i want to marry with foreign...

renu0071,75543Jul 2013Jul 2013
bambina_bee1,85742Oct 2010May 2015
So will this attract a decent enough man

So will this attract a decent enough man?I know online probably isnt the best place to look for anyone decent but you know what I mean lol...

LizB894,06941Feb 2015Aug 2017
Why younger guys are drawn to me

Why younger guys are drawn to me?Whats wrong with my profile why i get more messages from a lot younger guys, like 20's?...

xxsmileyxx2,57540Dec 2015Oct 2016
I am truly confused

I am truly confusedCan someone have a look at my profile and let me know why I never get replies from my messages or anyone messaging me, like I'm punished....

PatrizioDG2,16440Jan 2014May 2014
What do women really want 4 dates and im dumped

What do women really want? 4 dates and i'm dumped :(Anyone like a date tonight? Killarney/Tralee/Killorglin area...

DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD1,65139Nov 2013Aug 2015
dmax12,83139Nov 2010Jan 2014

Are the woman fussy or am I just ugly....hmmm.... not many clicks... just wanna know what everyone thought of my profile.... or should i just be patient...

Crikey1,76839Nov 2009Nov 2009
What Do You Think

What Do You Think!!How do you guys think of my pictures...

Jackie1983,67339Jul 2015Mar 2017
Review me Please Must be lacking somewhere

Review me Please? Must be lacking somewhere...Having some issues I guess, I don't seem to be getting many responses. Any ideas anyone?...

alaskankittin1,87038Nov 2009Nov 21
Hi all Would love to know if you think my profile scares potential women off

Hi all, Would love to know if you think my profile scares potential women off.I know my profile is a bit harsh, but I was getting a bit inundated with messages so decided a while to beef it up. Would love to know what you think....

BiggerBilly1,95138Mar 2010May 2010
Do I look weird

Do I look weird??... Since nobody writes me?? How do I change the pics position in here?...

Martina841,84038Apr 2013Nov 2013
Does anyone read the profiles

Does anyone read the profiles ?Amazed that I get mail/flowers from the types I'm not looking for.My preferences are there in black and white.....I wish everyone success in f inding...

babyblues3,96937Jan 2014Oct 2017
Review my profile pretty please

Review my profile, pretty please?If you would take a few minutes and look at my profile... It would mean a lot. Thank you![color=medium...

lovehavenxo2,42637Oct 2013Jan 2014
New photos Please help me find the right one

New photos..Please help me find the right one.I was hoping to get as many opinions as possible. I wanted to know which pictures are good and which one should be my main photo. Thanks a lot to thos...

IMunbreakable11,56837Feb 2012Mar 2012
What do u think about my pic

What do u think about my pic?Which pic is best?...

strawberry0023,37337Oct 2012Aug 2015

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