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is short sweet

is short, sweet?. . . . . ....

chancer_mcgancer2467Jul 2011Jul 2011
plss review my profile

plss review my profile..please review my profile...if u feel someting should be changed for betterment of my profile,plz suggest me....

wonderfullife863021Apr 2015Apr 2015
internet dating in a simple explanation

internet dating in a simple explanation.not my work but i very much agree with this statement. INTERNET DATING SUMMED UP NICELY. information overload. We know far more about someone, fa...

shuffelin2443Nov 2011Nov 2011

HUMMWhat do you think? Is it possible to find someone serious here?...

sereiaa2571Apr 2015Apr 2015

OpinionWhat do you think?...

drama2895Oct 2011Oct 2011
does true love still exist nowadays need a mature man who seek for true love

does true love still exist nowadays, need a mature man who seek for true love.check out my profile you would know what i seek for on here....

Lonesingles0152682Jun 2015Jun 2015

Hello...!Wat r u looking this site..many fake people and lie.....

ezikiel3410Sep 2011

????I'm actually new to this and would take any good advice anyone has to offer me. Thanks!...

Kubotaguy3184Feb 2013Feb 2013
Hey guy

Hey guyCheck out my profile, u just might find me interesting!!:)...

destinebykerk2220Mar 2014
Helpful suggestions please

Helpful suggestions pleaseIn general, I'd like to know how I can improve my profile, or if I should leave it as is. Any comments are welcomed!...

BluntBetty6447210Aug 2013Aug 2013
hello im another newbee

hello, im "another" newbeei am new in this " game" and is more than greatful if anyone have any tips for me if my profile is good or bad or could be better with some changes ??...

thooor662051Apr 2014Apr 2014
vavedimer2820Dec 2010
Attention Please

Attention Pleasehow this function going??????...

cocooreo2521May 2014Jun 2014
Hello Everybody im new uphere Wish you a very nice day good luck

Hello Everybody im new uphere. Wish you a very nice day good luck!!!how is life uphere :) wanna know more about this website is it okay for dating? :) thanks!...

Robertxzx1921Sep 2014Sep 2014
How am I doing

How am I doing?Please let me know what you think of my profile. I,m open to constructive criticism.I,m trying to keep it real....

EddieG1111490Apr 7Apr 19
is everyone not realAre they all ugly possing as beautiful girls

is everyone not real?Are they all ugly possing as beautiful girlsHas any guy EVER met face to face any one from this web site???????????????Ever !!...

starstuded4966Sep 2009Mar 2011
Lets Be Honest

Let's Be Honest.I'd really like to know what you guys think of my profile....

LauraM302563May 2013May 2013
Hello ladies

Hello ladies!!!Please tell me if these pictures make a good impression. I don't need guys comment please. I will respond to all ladies comment. Promise!!!...

Douglas831961Mar 2013Mar 2013
she calls me a dog

she calls me a dog!!!hi folks!!! do I really looks like a vicious dog, is it all about my smile, profile details, what exact is wrong of me to deserve a dog's insult char...

VillainG4399Mar 2015Apr 2015
HOPE2U4435Mar 2013Apr 2013
if you talk with people who cannot speak english well how Do you think about it

if you talk with people who cannot speak english well,how Do you think about it?I am here but cannot speak much english, i use google translator help me for every conversation..what do you thing about it? Do you think it bad? ?? ....

Nakarnda1,63912Nov 2015Jan 2016
Any up for a fun chat

Any up for a fun chat !!!!Anyone feel free to rate my profile and message me :)...

single17692351May 2014May 2014
Just wanted to say hello

Just wanted to say "hello"Hi, everyone! Just wanted to say hello. God bless you all!...

Marita19765785Oct 2016Mar 2017
Tell me where Im going wrong

Tell me where I'm going wrong?I'm happy for you to be brutally honest as long as it constructive and not just petty insults. Cheers :)...

rocco1212612Feb 2015Feb 2015


bairav2401Jan 2014Feb 2014

Hmmm----Wondering About This Site???? Dont Seem To Get Many Responses:( Is It Me,,, Or Other People????...

jk0000452896Jul 2014Jul 2014
putting a face pic up later

putting a face pic up laterAnyone want to chat and pass the time...

j17091780Apr 2013
looking for the one

looking for the one!!!if anyone is interested in my profile, feel free to email me :)...

NavanMick212400Nov 2013
Im looking for the real love of my life

I'm looking for the real love of my life.Good morning to everyone, I decided to settle down and find a bride. Which one of you had a real interest in family and marriage?...

RADOVANA1381Oct 2017Nov 6

Helloooo :)I know I'm not that attractive but I know that I'm so cool....

Annamhatesyou1,86418Oct 2016Jan 22
Review my profile

Review my profile...hey guys please review my profile and tell me do i look bad or something is wrong with my profile? what do you think of my pictures?...

rickyrexx991850Apr 2014

helloHey, I just joined this site and I wanted to know what people thought of my profile. You can comment on which ever part of my profile you like. I gues...

MRoN5122592Mar 2014Mar 2014
hows my profile im new here

hows my profile im new here!what is it that yall like bout me...

Femalefrompa2992Sep 2014Sep 2014
hi gys

hi gysm here for ur comments there is nothing special about me but it will be if u let me know somthing........

xyzkhan3691Jun 2010Jun 2010
what needs to be edited here

what needs to be edited here?my profile loaded with relevant information?...

Goldstained960Dec 25
no responce whats wrong

no responce whats wrongIs it the photographs? Or what I have written?...

DISCOVERY13231Apr 2015Apr 2015
profile review female perspective required

profile review female perspective requiredbe brutally honest girl yes i know that is not the custom of most of ye but i wont be offended or get mad. am i a completely fugly lost cause or is t...

seamusmidwest1894May 2013May 2013

YOU TELL ME?just tell me what you think?...

rockstar683753Apr 2010Jul 2010
I have been honest rest out of my hand

I have been out of my hand...I have been out of my hand... I have been hurt too much in sincere relations, that i look for only short-term physical relationships...

harry_bahrain4315Feb 2012Feb 2012
give some response

give some responsewhat you think about my profile...

vavedimer3310Oct 2010
thinking of signing out little activety

thinking of signing out, little activetyis the profile too boring...

scotlibre3661Jun 2011Jun 2011

submittedWhat do you think of my pictures....

cjp6771980Feb 2014
Harbal: "Who's to blame?"(meet us in the forums)

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