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Lonely...Hi Every1 !!!...

Badbull2402Jul 2014Jul 2014
Can u pls tkcare of my heart

Can u pls tkcare of my heart?If do u steell blv dt de is luv pls view myprofile and show me what luv is ,am waitng for u mybe it u over de,i dnt care abt de colour of de skin[col...

Soulproveder2200Jul 2014
What do you think

What do you think??I saw on "Scam Warning" about this : Scammer pushes you for your email address, phone number, or other personal information early-on. I think, for...

lina183103Oct 2014Oct 2014
eerlike mening en opsomming

eerlike mening en opsommingnet n algeme mening jy mag baie reguit eerlik wees. ek kan kritiek hanteer asook nou nie so poditief nie. eintlik wil ek graag my tekortkoming verbet...

johanni7143Mar 2015Aug 2015

HelpWish i was having more joy on this site because i like it is my profile the problem ????....

rekrab2682Jan 2014Jan 2014
I want meet my dream girl soon Where are you

I want meet my dream girl soon... Where are you?Everywhere is fake face . Is it possible to get someone honest and true a rounding me . I am looking for a women serious relationship age doesn't mat...

Tanvir13131480Feb 2013
If you find real love why would you throw it away

If you find real love why would you throw it away.I just don't get it. why lie about what you want when sooner or later you will be found out. and if your getting a...

CMESXU2700Jun 2015

OpinionsWhat do you think of my pictures? And also does my nickname sounds good or not?...

babe199443510Apr 2014Apr 2014
Im new here

I'm new here...Well I'm new here...Just roaming looking to make new friends from all corners of the planet....Add me up or hit me with a message :)...

branjegan2042May 2013Aug 2013
You are made for somebodys heart

You are made for somebody's heart!Millions and billions of faces So many colors, so many races. Speaking, communicating, seeing, Each one his own unique being. How small I feel w...

aaamnd4559Jul 2012Jul 2012
I have made a few friends and met too many scammers

I have made a few "friends" and met too many scammersI have met..what I thought could be potentials for love. Turned out that anyone outside of Ontario that i liked was a scammer..esp those from USA..eve...

soupfairy2702Jan 2015Jan 2015
living in vietnam looking for cool gals

living in vietnam, looking for cool gals..hi there !! i am looking for cool gals to hang out, any one open minded?? i live in saigon.....

leo39392320Apr 2011
chancer_mcgancer2230Jul 2011
Hello VERY new here Please review my profile

Hello, VERY new here. Please review my profile.How does my profile look and my pictures? Which is the better pic for my profile? Thanks, Lov2CUHppy...

Lov2CUHppy2800Jun 2014

helloHello I'm looking for gf serious inboxme thxx...

azizba00992710May 2014

photosThis comment is for Elmameta....Thank you for your honest comment. Are my photos plainer? Can you see them. better?[/color...

cherokyee2011Jul 2014Jul 2014
Need your opinion about my profile

Need your opinion about my profilewhat do you think of my picture?...

Moon3232326916Mar 2013Mar 2016
looks like people are sleeping

looks like people are sleeping !!!!no visits no comments no emails no e mails replies no nothing ....

Ahtsham_Saeed3740Jan 2016
im back hehehehe

im back heheheheIts been long time i didnt post something here so , lets straight to point .... wich pic will be good to be my primary one...

bambina_bee58312Sep 2012Sep 2012
hi there

hi therejust want some opinions everyone Thanks, Shamus...

shamus2471May 2010May 2010
Describe me

Describe meI am seriously in search of a partner for long term for a sacred relationship. does it work online dating web sites. can i find my soulmate ? [col...

venkeey2530Jun 2015
love u all

love u alli love to chat and i love make relations as-well but no body interested in me. i dont know why is it because of my fatty body shape expecting your s...

alexjohn30722772Jul 2012Jul 2012
what do you think

what do you think?do I sound not interesting? It is my first time on a dating site, I would accept any suggestion. Thanks c...

ardmore2683Feb 2017Feb 2017
Motherofthree and the delemma

Motherofthree and the delemmaWould like everyone to tell all. Just a laid girl looking for the good one? Is there anything wrong with that? I am getting hits just no keepers....

motherofthree72214Apr 2009Nov 2011

kidsDoes having two kids living with me put woman off ????...

stillyoung761804Jun 2013Jun 2013
do I look as lame as I feel ha ha

do I look as lame as I feel ? ha haHi !! let me know what I can change to get more attention ?please ?oh ya ha ha your ugly and have a big nose !!! ha ha give it to me ! be honest ! ha...

Openeyed2533Feb 2012Feb 2012
someone out there whos willing to review my profile

someone out there who's willing to review my profile?Hi everybody, would somebody be so kind as to review and to comment on my profile and pics? I find it kinda strange to receive almost no repsons.....

Murdoch6956413Nov 2012Dec 2012
inbox me

inbox me !!!!!!!!my profile might mot be very inviting but once you get to know me im not that bad of a person !!!...

single17692723Jan 2014Jan 2014
I dont get it

I don't get itcan someone tell me the essence or gain of online dating sites when no opposite sex actually are here for dating ! no one replies your hello , no says...

lordchampane2070Nov 2013

trusti belive that age colour of skin and distant is not imporyant the most important thing is trust peace and love.[/color...

mwaneki831740Oct 2015
Looking for the woman of my dreams

Looking for the woman of my dreamsLooking for a woman who really wants a good guy by her side who will give her endless love....

Prince57102101Sep 2013Sep 2013
Greattaste2010Jan 2015
im not having any luck on here what an i doing wrong

im not having any luck on here what an i doing wrongNot looking for a rs just cool positive people but not dating at the moment...

kenyu5656Dec 2015Dec 2015
i dnt no

i dnt nowhat do i do is this to much or not enought...

whitz762512Apr 2013Apr 2013
looking for that special someone

looking for that special someone................Kind, gentle, intelligent, honest and reliable person with a good sense of humour. I believe myself to be optimistic, open-minded, sensible, and creat...

ilLeroy292640Apr 2013
My scammers are boring as hell

My scammers are boring as hell!I only get the most boring straightforward scammers. They never write anything remotely funny. What can I do to attract the real loonies? You know, th...

Dagosto7218May 2010Aug 2016
im new

im newtell me what you think please...

shaq322482710Jul 2011
i think the girls on this site dont know what they really want

i think the girls on this site dont know what they really want,why do you girls all think every guy on the site is scam or what are you gals want ,guys on the the site don't have it,is it handsomeness ,...

onimisital2751Jan 2013Jan 2013
Hello gentlemen

Hello gentlemenI would love to know what men thinks of my honesty in the profile i have written. Am i asking for to much? Or is it ok to go fo...

sincere19532623Apr 2013Apr 2013

Help!!Something wrong with my profile as I'm getting nothing but crickets in regards to responses. Tell me whats wrong pleeeaaase....

ph86753097669Oct 2014Apr 2015
Let me know what you beautiful women think

Let me know what you beautiful women think?Am I going to get some women friends here or not?...

JohnnyCakes3604403Dec 2015Dec 2015
Review me

Review meI dont care let me have it...

420cella1881Oct 2012Oct 2012
lemonika22: "DATING AN OLDER MAN IS AWESOME"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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