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What do you think

What do you think?Mentioning that I'm a minister right from the start, is this a wise choice? I know that I haven't said much in my profile, but to me it seems like if...

Curiousonlooker3522Oct 2011Jan 2012
just wordering

just worderingis there any thing wrong with my profile somehow i have a bad feeling not sure what...

Keeneye1012682Aug 2014Aug 2014
diogoad19753013Jul 2016Aug 2016
are like you

are like youyou are so nice to be with...

ibk011540Oct 2016
What do you think of my Profile

What do you think of my Profile?I said let me give a try and hear what people think of my profile. Men and Woman :)...

EnjoyYourMoment4032May 2012Dec 2015

JayRomancemy name is Ryan LaCour i recently moved to Dallas .. I'm A Car Detailer making bout 600 to 800 a week ..I'm On course to being Real Estate Agent I ha...

JayRomance1551Oct 2012Oct 2012
Which picture would you choose

Which picture would you choose?Hello I noticed that my profile has been watched quite often. BUT Mr.Right has not shown up yet... Is anybody out the...

dolphin642811May 2012May 2012
stranger people are meet with each other this is a world

stranger people are meet with each other this is a worldApologizing doesn't always mean that you are wrong & just mean it that you value your relationship more than your ego...

waseemrao253820May 2016
What do you want to know about me

What do you want to know about me?Ask whatever you want lol...

IsaacZamora2480Nov 2016
topdeck884910Aug 2013
I love this site

I love this siteIm just looking for someone to love and cuddle with. ;)...

Jacquii7027364Feb 2016Mar 2016
Thanks for taking the time to review my profile

Thanks for taking the time to review my profile!I seldom get unsolicited messages and am trying to figure out if there is anything on my profile that might be a reason, I am very new to this kind of...

LostLocal4184Dec 2009Jan 2010
need friendship with girl

need friendship with girli need good girl with love...

saqib902140Aug 2012
Whats wrong with my profile

What's wrong with my profile??I want an honest review of it all!!...

9Primadonna2542Oct 2013Oct 2013
Review please

Review pleaseHow i am? I am looking for a girl for marry....

kimekismet2500Jan 2015

Is there anything my profile is lacking? Let me know.I have met with one lady on here so far, but I don' t get as many responses to emails as I would like. What do I need to attract more interest from...

joey98796431Apr 2014Jun 2014
Am I doing something Rong

Am I doing something Rong?How can I improve my profile? Any, and all advice would be appreciated....

Bluewing_012220Aug 2013
Take a peek tell me what you think

Take a peek tell me what you thinkI did some tweeks to my profile.. would love to have some open minded peoples opinions..If your a stiff please don't bother.....

sweetfoo3534Dec 2012Dec 2012
Looking for a relationship that could eventually leads to something meaningful

Looking for a relationship that could eventually leads to something meaningful.Pls im here looking for a woman to settle down and start a new life with. So guys pld tell me what could have been missing on my...

jimohAramide073750Dec 2015
Seeking Honest Opinions

Seeking Honest OpinionsI would like to get the honest opinions of others on this site about my profile. Is there anything you would change or does the profile need more? A...

darlinspirit4839Sep 2014Oct 2014
advise me on my profile

advise me on my profilePlease tell me what is wrong with my profile, be kind! thank you and God bless...

cherokyee4102Aug 2014Dec 2014

hiplz review my profile...

tajammal3332861Jan 2013Feb 2013
Hows it look

How's it look?Does this sound OK and appeal to people?...

Adlea2921Sep 2012Jan 2013
What do you think

What do you think?Im curious why people rarely message me......

WeShine2133Mar 2014Mar 2014
Not getting a lot of attention

Not getting a lot of attention !!!!Not getting much views. Are my pics ok. What about mt description.???????...

bobhope2210Jul 2010
I am new here what do you think

I am new here what do you think?I invite you to review my profile and if you think we might be compatible, send me a message. Let's get to know each other!...

Geminigirlusa1691Mar 2014Mar 2014
Does my profile need anything

Does my profile need anything?How can I improve my profile? Open to all suggestions. I just opened the account on here and I am new at this..... Any help would be appreciated. :)...

Firefly11763032Sep 2014Sep 2014
I would appreciate your opinion

I would appreciate your opinionHey there! Although I do not suffer of inferiority complex as far as my profile or looks are concerned its always wise to get a second opinion. Thanks...

loveubabe953651Dec 2010Dec 2010
updated further

updated furtherlet me know what you think...

aScottishGuy823290Oct 2011
someone out there whos willing to review my profile

someone out there who's willing to review my profile?Hi everybody, would somebody be so kind as to review and to comment on my profile and pics? I find it kinda strange to receive almost no repsons.....

Murdoch6960513Nov 2012Dec 2012
i think i waste my time here

i think i waste my time here one i true

hashim0072340Jun 2012
What Do You Think

What Do You Think!!How do you ladies think of my pictures...

sulaman11221580Aug 2016
help wanted

help wantedi am been here from quite some time help me with my profile any suggestions and comments feel free coz I didn’t got any reply at all lol...

b2bsa2870Aug 2011
well im knew to this so how about a friend ladies

well i'm knew to this, so how about a friend. :) (ladies?).so where do i go from here? ::confused: I'm knew to this, so this is really the first page I'm writing on, beside on my profile. knojavascript:emot...

sicilianlover2522Apr 2013Apr 2013
I am here for sincere friendship

I am here for sincere friendshipHello, how are you? i want long term friendship ! Regards Samuel...

honeysam2222322Feb 2014Feb 2014
SERIOUSLY read my profile

SERIOUSLY read my profile ...Am I not being clear on my expectations? Should I drone on like the rest of the cookie cutters just to get a decent response?!...

missfortune1369812Sep 2011Oct 2011
Italian Country girl searching for

Italian Country girl searching for..? :)Hey ya'll, I am new to this site! I would like to get to know ya'll... sooooo feel free to message me :D...

Flawlessfire194065Oct 2012Oct 2012

Tell Me What You Think ?Please let me know what you think about; -my own description? -my description of my future partner? -my photos? -any other comments? Thanks f...

bigmac34512441May 2012May 2012
What are you waiting for

What are you waiting for?All lights lighted again and again How the love is blazing from your eyes It is melting inside of me right now I've stashed for you beauty of ever...

Mr_Goat3390May 2016
What do you think about my profile Hope you like it

What do you think about my profile? Hope you like it :)Dear All, Please tell what do you think about my profile...I only hope that you will like it :)...

babajaga32523Jul 2013Aug 2013

loveI chusing front body parts only you.contract

rajeshkumar1231961Jul 2013Jul 2013
ade65 So how do you like my profile

ade65-So how do you like my profile?Any ideas on getting back into dating after 35 years?...

ADE652301Jul 2014Jul 2014
Yankee4you: "Dreams"(meet us in the poems)

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