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helloHello,nice regards everyone...

faranhajt6591Mar 2016Mar 2016
New to this

New to this!OK im very new to this whole dating site thing and im not even sure if im doing it right haha. So any criticism and opinions will greatly help thank y...

Wheelo263911Oct 2013Oct 2013
not attracting the right person

not attracting the right person?Hi there... I'm not sure how I come across in my profile.. Too much information? No personality? Id be interested in hearing some constructive criti...

corkyknocking8659Aug 2014Oct 2014

Suggestions??????????How could I improve my profile without exposing too much about myself (there are so many scammers!)....

noscammers12366811Dec 2012Mar 2013
review my profile

review my profilereview my profile...

robsantiago153340Jul 2010


Dziugas1113951Oct 2014Oct 2014
What should I add

What should I add?What can I add to attract interest?...

Lookingforme19612921Feb 2019Feb 2019
figured i would put it out there

figured i would put it out therefigured I would get my profile reviewed if there are any changes that need to be made please by all means do not hesitate to let me know! plus by...

skywarp924153Aug 2014Aug 2014
good or bad

good or badcheck out my profile is this a good one or does it miss...

ralphdog15461Nov 2009Nov 2009
plz let me knw the changes I ve to do in moi profile

plz let me knw the changes I 've to do in moi profile!!Plz let me know What changes can make my profile look better than wat it is now!...

Sunny1433820May 2011

HelpWish i was having more joy on this site because i like it is my profile the problem ????....

rekrab5002Jan 2014Jan 2014
I never have any lucc on finding love

I never have any lucc on finding loveCan someone help me find my soulmate...

Blue21406582Jun 2019Feb 2021
no responses am i too bold

no responses, am i too bold?Hi, I am curious to know what others think of my profile. I don't get many responses, but I can't help but think it's because the pool of candidate...

neverknewit5498May 2013Jun 2013
hello guys

hello guys....check my profile and tell me what you think......

faganda1238733Oct 2014Nov 2014
Please tell me what you think

Please tell me what you think :)Dear Reader, Firstly I must thank you to have taken the time to read my request and hopefully my profile I don't think I have got my profile do...

Craxoid5773Oct 2013Oct 2013
what do you think about mu profile

what do you think about mu profile....Thanks for reviewing my profile and commenting. Please comment if I express enough about myself or do i need to write. I thank you in advance for your...

PLAYADUDE593970Sep 2016


zayb15460Jan 2016
mz857086gmail com

[email protected]contact me with Facebook zubair cheema...

zc1234470Jan 2018

hi :)Just wanted to say hello to everyone :)..hope you all have a great day, or night, depending on when ur reading this...

nismoguy4530Jun 2013
How can I get the most out of this experience

How can I get the most out of this experience?Hey guys I joined the site a while ago but I don't seem to be getting connected well enough. So yes please let me know where I can improve Am I c...

MissKnoxx1,35922Jul 2013Sep 2013
Im new to this

I'm new to this...Peace love :) everyone...

lovetunes5974Jan 2013Jan 2013
Bad photo

Bad photo?Ok, I know Im not Mr. Universe or anything, but I seem to be getting low ratings on my photo. I know ratings are hardl...

Silverlining23,03956Jan 2012May 2012
well Im doing something wrong

well, I'm doing something wrong !!!!Any advice will be well taken with AA smile...what better advice to receive from those who view a profile....thanks guys !!! Good luck to all...:teddy...

mirandagreeneyes7243Feb 2012Feb 2012
att Massachusetts girls 37 49

att: Massachusetts girls 37 - 49Please rate my profile......

ledzeppelin1234240Dec 2014
I wear my heart on my sleve

I wear my heart on my sleve.I wear my heart on my sleve & am not tollerant of ignorance. Is this too strong & do u think this attitude makes me too exclusive?...

yusfull6484Jun 2013Nov 2013
Would you date me

Would you date me?For ladies only!.....

Sweetxxx0075973Feb 2015Feb 2015
How not to write a profile

How not to write a profileI thought you'd all like to make fun of my profile....

66ManOWar995012May 2013May 2013
Im new in this game

Im new in this gameWhat do you guys honestly think about my profile...

bradebe2701Jun 2013Jun 2013
New acquaintances are new interests and new experiences

New acquaintances are new interests and new experiences.1/ What do you think of my pictures? 2/ Which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo?...

Natalia22224622Dec 2019Feb 2020
Look me

Look mehey all of you people. Will you please comment about of my weakness and positive things......

binodb422590May 2012
Finding love

Finding loveI m finding love for whole life...

rohithunk2930Sep 2019
look at my profile let me know what you think

look at my profile, let me know what you think?I'm in the process of trying to attract woman to my profile, very new here, little help would be gratefully accepted...

harmonising14003Oct 2013Oct 2013

hiiHii Guys, This is Niharr and Its been one month that I have joined this site. I would like to share my experience here on this site till date i hav...

Niharr4013Jul 2014Aug 2014
Any mature man in Thailand

Any mature man in Thailand?Looking for a mature and decent man in Thailand for long term relation....

indian33girl2350Dec 2012
wow ok

wow ok?guessing all the sexy lesbabiez are taken...

khaliMedio3864Jan 2013Mar 2013

HiIs my profile ok....

kenco132881Jan 2013Jan 2013
My profile

My profileWhat can I do to make my profile more interesting?...

michael63ca4621Mar 2012Mar 2012
speedies review

speedies reviewwhat do you all thak about my profile i hope its nothing bad or let me know and ill see if i can fix it to make it better...

speedy23204020Dec 2014
Hi I Am Tee Kay Dee

Hi I Am Tee-Kay Dee,And i would like to know what you think of my profile?...

Tkd5014842Jan 2011May 2011
hey let me know what you think of the profizzle 4 shizzle

hey let me know what you think of the profizzle 4 shizzle!!hey ppl Let me know what you think of my profile Does it need some touch ups or is it kool...

yellaboii23863370Feb 2010
Help Please

Help Please.All constructive criticism is welcome :)...

Laurie2743343Sep 2012Oct 2012
hi there

hi therecan,t seem to find the right man what am i doing wrong help...

kookiecrumble1,24116Sep 2011Jun 2017

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