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Im single in Timaru

Im single in Timaru....Im looking for a single guy preferably in the same area, but I find that I get replies from all over the world. Can some one review my profle and tell...

Shyade6814Sep 2011Oct 2012
easter bunny

easter bunnyladies what do you think of my bunny...

llasvegascutie9764Apr 2009Apr 2009
what di you think

what di you thinki broke up with my bf,i left him coz i am not feel in love with him, at first time we just lover, and then i told him i can not meet him anymore, sudd...

dkurniawan3161Jun 2015Jun 2015
How i will be choosen by them

How i will be choosen by them.Can anybody tell me that how i will be choosen by them?...

032390193712850Jan 2013
Shahed17402120Dec 2014
Trying to find locals

Trying to find localsPlease look over my profile and pics tell me what I should change. Are my pictures good enough? I am at a loss. I truly want to find someone local but...

BrandyLynnz3283Jun 2014Jun 2014
Well what do you think

Well.. what do you think?Is there something seriously wrong with me?...

WindinherhairCAS5866Oct 2014Jan 2015
Anybody out there

Anybody out there ????Any comment - positive (or. . . . otherwise. . . ) - welcomed !!...

AOneOff3281Aug 2009Aug 2009
can you give me honest opinion of my profile im giving up here soon

can you give me honest opinion of my profile im giving up here sooncan you good people tell me where im going wrong as i think its time look another dating site...

jewels19613939Mar 2011May 2011
would like to know what other ppls opinions are

would like to know what other ppl's opinions are??Hopefully get some useful feed back and meet some new ppl.....

LivinItUp_272071Jul 2013Aug 2013
maybe now my profile picture is better

maybe now my profile picture is better?...and my English too is improving;)...

SleepToDream3430Aug 2015
I hate taking pictures Could you ladies help Or Guys lol

I hate taking pictures. Could you ladies help? Or's hard to get someone to take a halfway decent pic so I end up holding this crazy camera at arms length. I never thought I was photogenic, and I've...

cafetwo20103662May 2011May 2011
which pic is good to be my primary pics guys

which pic is good to be my primary pics , guys ?i have few pics on my profile , so could u guys tell me which one is the best thx a lot...

bambina_bee89424Sep 2010Oct 2010
hi there

hi therecan you give this a look over, ITS NOT WORKING LOL...

justdave114283Dec 2009Dec 2009
Why are some ppl mean when asked to review Profiles

Why are some ppl mean when asked to review Profiles??????/I dont get it, common if you dont have something constructive to say just Zip it. Agreeeeeeee?...

CoolYo2895Dec 2011Dec 2011
I m not desperate but looking for new friends

I,m not desperate but looking for new friends...I,m not desperate but looking for new friends ......

tvangsgift2490Jul 2012
Is this thing working lol

Is this thing working!! lolDo I have enough info on my profile? And what do you think of my pics?...

sweetfoo5927Aug 2012Aug 2012
What are the ODDS

What are the ODDS?For a Profile like this?...

Filmnoir672360Jul 2016
Hows it from Hononlulu Hi

How's it from Hononlulu HiA friend of mine told me about this site said it is a cool site time well tell hope to meet some new friends and nice pep, T.U....

pua572130Aug 2014

Pat3290is it too short & simple, should I explain more about myself photo is about yr old...

pat32902240Sep 2013

greatGreat profile...

Roshan29101680Apr 2013
greatly criticized no insults please

greatly criticized no insults please..The for the most part in this world you are you are you can't be something that you're not there's no reason to lie about it becau...

COWBOYDEE2401May 2015May 2015

Helloo...I am a new member,,,,,...

mamun017145810483560Dec 2015
Hi everyone

Hi everyoneI am Benard , im looking for someone to chat..... :) have a nice time !...

bennyhalili3552Jan 2014Oct 2014
why do I keep on receiving contact from the wrong guys

why do I keep on receiving contact from the wrong guys..?I do not believe that my profile depicts that I am seeking a toy boy, middle eastern, and other ethnic minorities, yet that seems to be the bulk of my...

MedicineWoman7727Dec 2011Jul 2014
good liking profil

good liking profil &u decent ,kind ,professional looks with u r faithful ness ,honesty with ur prtner ur relations u r maintain permanant relationships addnl u lovvvvv...

shisshkumar2790Aug 2012
Help me

Help meHow dou you do a profile and attract the real guys and nit the fakes. I am not a cougar. Don't want to date a guy half my age I am not into long...

Texasnewfie1500Jul 2014
good or bad

good or badgood or bad what do i need to change...

paddy1014864Apr 2011May 2015
Ms Stallion

Ms. StallionScroll through and tell me what do you think....

taylorjack922682Jun 2013Jun 2013

ONLY FOR MARRIAGEi m single have no family independent so can be settle in any country now working in OMAN MASQAT as ELECTRICAL FOREMAN good looking fit and smart...

shah55551972May 2013May 2013

Monica profile reviewhi, tell me what age group men look at my profile, and why cant i find the age group that i am interested in???...

monica8742680Nov 14
Help Help Please

Help ! Help ! PleaseWhat do you link my profile lacks ? I welcome any criticism from the female that will improve my profile . What do think of my picture and profile . I...

brownman192762Mar 2011Mar 2011

helloJust curious......

24damon2820Feb 2015
Is there any lovely ladies out there for me

Is there any lovely ladies out there for me?I'm really knew to this online stuff. Just wondering if there are any down to earth country girls anywhere close to Madison Indiana? Someone who would...

KatlynnRenee1560Apr 2017
the ugly duckling

the ugly ducklingWhat do you think of my pictures? Just to laugh: I'm self-irony......

Omeron83517Jul 27Nov 9
Advice please

Advice pleaseAny advice would be welcome, this is a new venture:...

spider0872867Mar 2011Mar 2011

Hellowill i find someone to be happy with?...

rich142k54376Mar 24Aug 16
whats wrong with my profile

whats wrong with my profile???????????????????????????...

overtheroad683592Oct 2012Oct 2012
So close but yet so far away

So close, but yet so far away....Too real?!? Whatcha guys think???...

singlshae3121Jun 2013Jun 2013

hellohello there...

faranhajt2900Mar 2014
zaheerdin14651Aug 2010Aug 2010
Donetsk Ukraine

Donetsk UkraineAny ladies from Donetsk Ukraine wants to meet up,I'll be there from tomorrow the 10th till the 18th of July...

lpool772540Jul 2011
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