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yuckmy eyes hurting with ur pics oh god help me pleaseeee...

dopler_effect2481Apr 2014Apr 2014
How do u like me now

How do u like me nowLets start here just what do you think am i too honest or stupid being on a dating site..I dont think im ugly but not a 10 for sure that would be nice...

honeyz464101Mar 2015Mar 2015
margynikky4943Oct 2014Nov 2014

"AM I NOT YOUR TYPE? OR IS THERE NO GUY FOR ME?"I have been on here for only a week now and I haven't got that many replies yet! Is there something wrong with me? or am I not your type? I'am a sweet...

Sweetrose837056Feb 2014Mar 2014
Hello trying something new here cheers

Hello, trying something new here, cheersA Profile Review is a request for opinions of members about your profile. Be prepared to hear honest replies. Responses should be constructive but don...

escedo2592May 2013May 2013
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?So, what do you guys think of my profile? Are my tags too crazy? Are my narratives too boring? Should I unleash my hair? Any tips?...

CrystalMethod4054Oct 2016Oct 2016
be honest tell me whats qrong with my profile

be honest tell me whats qrong with my profileIm just lookin for friends to start then maybe it would become more i dont just jump right in to it i want to get to know u first[...

dtlynn2542Mar 2012Mar 2012
Hello ladies

Hello ladiesi wonder how many of you are here in western Australia looking to have some fun with N.S.A....

Zlatoie3612Sep 2014Sep 2014
Looking for the one Is He You

Looking for the one!! Is He You?looking for the one!! no matter how far away, come find me!! im a thick big beautiful women!! i am working on myself(losing weight).. so no one is per...

YaVonne864620Feb 2016
looking for some traffic

looking for some traffichey guys tell me what you think,comment on the profile the picture or leave a message....

castro1ne2210Jan 2013
What you think of me after reading my profile

What you think of me after reading my profile?I know some thing is wrong with my profile and Photo and or both because they have not been so attractive for people to come to me and make connection...

sept511,0471May 2009May 2009
Hi just interested to find out what people think of my profile Have I said to much or to little

Hi, just interested to find out what people think of my profile. Have I said to much or to little.I've tried to express in such a way that it gives people a idea, at least, of whether they want to know me better as well as stating what I am really...

GregKeegan3840Jan 2018


CHIKARA02063001Jan 2015Jan 2015
i just what to be loved and someone to love me and treat me right x

i just what to be loved and someone to love me and treat me right xwell i just neeed someone who can treat me right and not treat me like a prick and if u dont like me then that cool whith me...

tattiex9758Aug 2013Mar 2015
who does one have to kill to find a sincere mate these sicko days

who does one have to kill to find a sincere mate these sicko daysI've had from the most ornery to thee most professionally written and edited and reviewed profiles on various web dating sites imaginable and to date...

loyalover4u3724Apr 2014Aug 2014
Schrander meisje die goed kan omgaan

Schrander meisje die goed kan omgaanWat leuk elkaar te kunnen bezoeken en een nieuw afspraakje te maken. Je ziet er altijd naar uit....

Vlothus4160Nov 2014
Norwegian in Search for a female danish friend

Norwegian in Search for a female danish friend.I am desiring in studying in Danmark. So it's indeed a pleasure meeting you. welcome to world & keep calm as get to know each other gradually. ONE GOO...

Macandrews4040Jul 2014

Which picture displays best?Any constructive tips about my profile that maybe I should consider changing?...

Gentlejim4412Aug 2012Aug 2012
Monica profile review

Monica profile reviewhi, tell me what age group men look at my profile, and why cant i find the age group that i am interested in???...

monica87421930Nov 2018
changes my address

changes my addressI change my address now, back to saudi arabia, but when I open 29minutes ago, another girl reply me harleylady im not chatting you,, someone use my ac...

singlemom02722600Dec 2014
need friendship with girl

need friendship with girli need good girl with love...

saqib902520Aug 2012
Hi All

Hi All..;)It aint that blurry is it?...

Mitchele6173Jul 2012Jul 2012
i am new

i am newi am new...

sataish198102Jun 2016Aug 2016
what should i do

what should i do?i have been on this site for a week or two now and i have sent out msg, winks and flower to ladys around my are and never get nothing back or any thin...

hdskeel4367Jan 2013Mar 2013
review my profile please

review my profile please?How can I make my profile better?...

Athletic932492Jul 2013Jul 2013
profile interest

profile interestplease give some suggestion for profile look interestting...

matta123614Sep 2014Oct 2014

Sexycountrygirl3Looking for a country guy that is still in school and loves horses too!...

Sexycountrygirl34031Mar 2014Jun 2014
New to this

New to thisWhats happening???...

SHMOO0074753Dec 2012Dec 2012
This is horrible

This is horribleI am only being contacted and findinsingle ladies that are looking for meaningless friendships...

bravehart884100May 2015
casual or serious

casual or seriouscan you see yourself being with me...

tomcat326001Nov 2015Nov 2015
What the heck Ghana

What the heck? Ghana?Seems like I am a magnet for scammers from Ghana and other places, might need a couple hints to upgrade my profile?...

mackelcheea1890Aug 2017
Should I post more serious pic

Should I post more serious picNeed help actually like to meet someone but find am on and off the site for a week maybe two sometimes because of work committments and lose touch wit...

Blueyes223084Jun 2011Jun 2011

ahAm fade up of searching this is the last try...

chantal843380Oct 2016

hiwhat do you think of my picture?...

toyleen6011Jan 2016Jan 2016
rea l gent seekers a lovin partner

rea l gent seekers a lovin partnerI cant change what I look like but I can always better myself as a person with the right lady to guide me xx...

timcrackerbimson2430Oct 2016
Say it all loud head banger

Say it all loud !!!!! head bangerWhich of my pictures is the best for my primary photo?...

alice_the_menace2,80035Jun 2010Apr 2011
Lets see

Let's seewant to know about my profile if there's something interesting just tell me please...

lost_memory02690May 2014
Will I find true love here

Will I find true love here?I am the the person in the pics ,but I don't know if the people write to me are the same from the pics too,I doubt if I can find true love here via i...

IvyZhu7056Jul 2014Jun 2015
So anyone

So anyone?so anyone anything?...

joyduck19872830Jul 2016
Soultouch1113614Oct 2013Oct 2013
im new on here just want a new friends and get my profile reviewed

im new on here just want a new friends and get my profile reviewedwhich of my profile pictures is best used for primary photo....

jammie272400Jun 2016
Would u marry this guy

Would u marry this guy?They say the eyes are the mirrors to the soul.. So hasnt a man so caring, and romantic has yet to find his bonnie? What do u think of this picture[col...

12playn3596Aug 2011Jan 2012

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